Monday, 12 May 2008

Look at what I did this weekend!

Look at what I did this weekend! that's Reno I kno w nice hair do right? he wouldn't let us fix it because every time we tried he thought we were going after his ears and he hates his ears touched. So there the forelock stayed. messy and crazy looking. Hopefully by next week we'll have real pictures of me actually riding and not just standing there looking dumbfounded. this picture was taken with a camer phone and therefore it wasn't going to work trying to take pictures while I was moving.
and these two lovlies (you see how his forelock is perfect here, figures) the one is the front is Reno (same horse I am on in the picture above) and the one in the back is Rudy. Rudy is a permant border he's a clydesdale and he's a big teddy bear. Reno is going to one of the young girls that comes to the barn weekly so at the end of this week he's going to be going to his new home. the good part is that his new home is literally just down the street. The sad part is that after he belongs to her the only riding anyone is going to be able to do on him is "pony rides". Which means oh sure you want to ride my horse I'm going to lead you around the arena on a lead line right next to you because obviously you are incompetent. Pisses me off, I mean OK he's going to be hers soon and she can do what she wants but I've riden him by myself without anyone holding my hand, GRRRRRRRRR. so Saturday will be the end of my fun with him but it was fun while it lasted. if I had the money to keep him at the barn I would have snatched him up so fast but that is not a luxury that I can afford right now so, for now I go out I clean I ride and I take what I can get. Hope everyones weekend was just as good as mine!
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