Monday, 24 August 2009

I scribble!

I was given this award cause apprantally my blog is liked. I don't know who would read this crap and like it but OK... OH right it was Adam :-) Thank you Adam. So now I must send it on to 5 blogs that I read and enjoy. Hmmmmmm,
(in the distance Oh, Oh pick me)
yeah I know I'm a dork,
in no order (Kate on my blogroll)
Mostly talks about her move and her pets, gramatical errors and her work definitely a fun blog to follow (it helps that she's a friend of mine)
Again a friend of mine she posts picutres and recipes and pictures of her lovely daughter and garden. (Sensory Overload)
they talk about music and mostly our lovely city of Cleveland and goings on around town.
You want to know about all of the hip spots in town or the best place to get a cup of Joe? You've got to check out this blog. (Erin O'Brien Free Times Cleveland)
A lot about Cleveland, her life, living cheaply in this strained economy, her husband and life, and a lot of the time the articles that she writes in the Cleveland free times.
So to all of you
YOU SCRIBBLE!!! No go fourth and bestow this honour on 5 (or more if you so choose) blogs that you enjoy reading. or you don't have to at all you can just bask in the glory that you got so kind of an award just for writing your thoughts down.

Weekend Movie

I have been falling behind on my posts (not that I talk about anything all that interesting) but I don't have the pictures for the posts that I am so far behind on so you get a movie review instead. This weekend aside from a wedding (Dave's younger brother to be exact) we rented a movie cause lets face it on Sunday after the excitement of the day on Saturday we didn't want to do a thing but lay around the house so that's exactly what we did.

We rented Obsessed

Holy Psycho-Bitch!

Again with the possible SPOILER ALERT!

I'm sure the poster speaks for itself but to elaborate, Beyonce (Sharon) and Idris (Derek) are married, Ali (Lisa) is a temp at the company where Derek works and becomes so delusional that she thinks she is having an affair with Derek. She starts following him and getting into his car in nothing but a trench coat and lingerie. She follows him to a conference and plays it off like she's his wife (and the people at the front desk of the hotel don't know any better so of course they think she's his wife) she tries to OD on pain pills in his room (again the poor people at the front desk have no clue what's going on and give her a key to his room cause "she's his wife and wants to surprise him" PSYCHO!!!) She goes into their house and tells the babysitter that she's a friend of Sharons and that she's just dropping a present to the baby (Kyle) and of course plays it off so well that the poor babysitter has no clue and Lisa takes the baby. She doesn't take him far she puts him in his car seat in Dereks car with a big red kiss mark on his forehead. As Sharon is getting ready to leave for her parents wedding anniversary party and Derek is at work Sharon forgets to set the new alarm to the house, she goes back to set it and Lisa is in the house. She's decided that she and Derek are having a rendezvous and "they" didn't want Sharon to find out this way. Lisa really is convinced that Derek her husband or they're lovers or some such psycho babble like that and Sharon is out of the picture. Lisa dies at the end cause Sharon goes up to the bedroom and finds her and beats the crap out of her, she ends up falling through the ceiling and a chandelier falls on here and kills her.

The lesson here I'm not friends with many woman cause we're all crazy!!! Kidding, but really creepy that there are people out there that get this way. Women are NUTS!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Welcome to being a grown-up

Yes that's how my husband put it to me. I am a known needle-phobe (it's actually called Belonephobia I looked it up) Well we have not exactly been compliant with the whole you have to get a TB test every year in order to work at CCF. Contractors, Temps, I think even students. So I got an email yesterday (or possibly Monday but as I wasn't here...) saying you've got to get a TB test done this week or you are going to be taken off of you assignment. OK no big deal, last time I got one done (two years ago) it was a pen they pushed the button and it pricked you real fast and it was over. That's what I was expecting when I went in this time too. Boy was I wrong. I got to the clinic filled out the paperwork and thought to myself "this is going to be a breeze" they call me back into a room (that's not normal) and the nurse asks me a few questions (normal) I look on the sink counter and there it is a needle more specifically a syringe. I say to the girl "wait I may be wrong but the last time I got this done it was a pen and a quick prick and it was over" and she responded that no she had never done it that was before it's always been like this as far as she can remember. So I gave here that OMG look and said OK so here's the deal I am a freak around needles and I have to apolgize to you now I tend to have a breakdown. Poor thing I felt bad I mean I'm an adult damn it I shouldn't be having a melt down over a little needle. she shut the door I shut my eyes she gave me the shot (not bad) I didn't freak out! Holy Shit I didn't freak out! I did almost pass out (probably cause I was freaking myself out so badly) but I didn't go into fits of crying or anything like that. I got in the car called Dave and told him and he told me welcome to being a grown-up.
That's all I have to say about that. I know I am a freak around needles I can't help it I mean I guess I've found that I can but what the hell man.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mary Kay

Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against Mary Kay I know that is how many woman earn their lively hood and that is their source of income. What bothers me is that there is this "no pressure, no pressure" facade at the beginning and by the end during your "one on one" with the consultant it's all about "so when can I book you for a party?" And "what do you mean you don't have time to do one can I call you? I can come to you I love to travel!" Really when I say I can't do a party that means I can't do a party or I don't want to do a party or (in reality) I don 't know that many women that I would be willing to trick into coming to a party. Which is what I felt like with this I was tricked into going to this party I didn't have anything going on that evening and it was for my sister so I thought what could it hurt there will probably be several people there and it won't be so bad... Right, there were three of us, myself, my sister, and her friend. And I was promised Metroburger that we never got because by the time we got out of there it was 10:30. On a weeknight by the way and about an hour and a half away from home. GRRRRR HUMBUG!!
Oh right and the party not at my sisters house at the consultants house, on the other side of town, the one bright spot in the whole night was Jonda (Love her) she was our masseuse, she ROCKED!!! I had some serious knots and she released most of them, it's making me think I need to go back and see the masseuse at the Omni again she's awesome too. Anyway I digress, our consultant decided that I would be a "great Mary Kay representitive." Really?? just cause I've worked retail before doesn't mean I am good at it nor do I want to do it, I hate high pressure sales and even though they claim that there's nothing high pressure about mary kay I tend to believe that they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

That's my rant for the day
(and you get three posts in one day What is up with that?)

Blueberry Peach Crumble

This is possibly the easies recipe I've ever made (OK maybe not but it's darn close)

The recipe actually is Blackcurrant Crumble and I've made it with blackcurrants and it was good but with Blueberries and Peaches... YUM-O!
Aside from the measurements for the topping (which I will put in parenthesise) most of the ingredients are a "guess"
3 c blueberries and peaches Or any other berry that you think might be good in this, there was a suggestion of blackcurrant and apple (yum) or you could do blackberry or whatever. (or however much you have lying around)
2-3 tbsp sugar (again I just sort of throw some on) and with the peaches I added some cinnamon (if you've ever read my blog and come across baking posts you know I LOVE CINNAMON!)
1 1/2 cups flour (this is topping so don't go fudging it)
1/3 cup butter (again topping)
1/3 cup brown sugar (topping)

1/2 tsp cinnamon (topping but again I LOVE CINNAMON! I tend to just throw some in there)

Preheat the oven to 350

Rinse your berries cut any large fruit you may have and peel if you are feeling that motivated (I tried peeling the peaches it was a pain I got through two of them and left the skin on the last one.) Place berries in a baking dish and sprinkle over the sugar. Put the flour and butter in a food processor (or if you don't have one your hands work just as well for this) and process or rub in the butter by hand until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in brown sugar and cinnamon. Spread the crumble topping over the berries and bake for 30 to 40 minutes.

Quick, easy, and delicious!
I think what I like most about this recipe is that you don't acutally need anything but a bowl and a baking dish. technically (as long as you aren't a freak out about that kind of thing) you can just use your hands to mix, (clean hands please) don't go splashing around in the mud before hand :-)

Ride Times

It's that time again, I have a Horse show on Saturday. When you are going to do a horse show they will (if you have given them your email) sent you your ride times. I don't know what it is about receiving my ride time but I get all giddy like a child on Christmas morning. Oh goody, goody! It means something fun is going to be happening in a few days. I get that excited feeling in my stomach. Almost jumpy but not quite, I wonder if this feeling goes away. I actually anticipate the email coming through and seeing my name there with my time and all of my other competitors names too.

That's all I really have nothing interesting to say but I may end up revamping this at a later date if I come up with anything witty to say.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Crepes and a Food Challenge

So on our "lunch break" one of the few women in my office that I actually talk with and I decided to go to the roof they were having a cooking demonstration today. They do this cooking demo every first and third Thursday of the month but this is the first time either of us saw something that sounded interesting enough to waste our time and get out of our cubes (and today for once we were both actually pretty busy.)

They were making crepes (I love crepes stuffed with mascarpone cheese and fruit or with mozzarella and basil and tomatoes so good.) Anyway sorry I was getting wrapped up in the food (that was supposed to be a crepe joke) it's OK if you didn't get it I'm not very good at making jokes.

So our hosts were Julia and Bob, Julia is one of the (I'm sure) many dietitians at the clinic and Bob is the executive chef for all of our cafeterias.

The crepes were really good (super healthy of course but you can always change that with your fillings)

The recipe is fairly easy

1 TBSP Trans free margarine

1 C skim milk

1/2 c Water

4 Lg Egg whites

2/3 cup whole grain, oat, bran, or soy flour

1/3 cup whole wheat or buckwheat flour

1/8 tsp sugar (or sugar substitute)

1 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp salt (optional)

Place the margarine, milk, water and egg in a food processor (or just use a hand whisk that's what they used at the demo) whisk till blended. Add the flour, sugar and salt (if you are using salt.) whisk until smooth.

Coat a nonstick skillet or crepe pan with cooking spray and place over high heat. when hot add 1/4 cup of batter and tilt the pan so the batter spreads evenly over the bottom. Cook the crepe until the surface seems dry and the edges begin to curl (about one minute.) Carefully turn the crepe using your fingers and or a spatula. Lay crepe flat and place a thin layer of whatever kind of filling you want. They of course suggest fat free plain or vanilla yogurt and blueberries which again great but better with the mascarpone cheese. Roll each side in carefully and tip with whipped cream cinnamon or powdered sugar (optional)

this recipe makes 16-20 crepes.

and the finished product is DELICIOUS!

Now on to a more "serious" matter Adam (Adam throws quarters on my blog roll) claims that his burger that he made (that by the way he got off of a television show) is better then my kick ass grilled cheese (which by the way I made with my own ideas no one elses.) Now I will admit as pictures go his culinary porn is much better then mine is. But that sounds like a challenge to me I'm a little offended that he doesn't think I have the "skill" that he does in the kitchen or on the grill Oh wait that's all that he does is grill anymore (grilling doesn't count as cooking cave man)
:-P and I think my grilled cheese could kick his burgers ass any day.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I am a Slacker!

I've sucked at this whole keeping up thing lately, I've been cast (last minute) in a show. I'm not upset that's it's last minute but I feel bad cause lets face it, it's last minute and I had things planned for the next two weeks. So I'm going to be one of those Pre-Madonna actresses who shows up to the Monday rehearsal (last night) and can't make it again till next Monday. Does that make me a bad person? I have to stick to my prior engagements I would feel like a putz if I didn't. That and I have (drum roll please) another Horse show on the 15th of August. I did tell my director (Joe) that after that he can have me for all of the rehearsals (Monday-Thursday.) My first big role, I've had lines here and there just recently (Scrooge, The Women) But this is a whole other ball game. I'm a lead?!?!? How the hell did that happen? But I will try and keep up with the blog and keep all of you updated and post some more recipes (I just made a killer black currant crumble)

If you want to know about the show here is a link to a synopsis. There is a small change it's not in London in 1845 (or whatever the hell the original is) it's in Louisiana in the 1930's.
I'm Louisa Creed.

Also go over to Adam Throws Quarter ( and congratulate him on being a Blog of Note! I think quite possibly he's still beside himself that, that honor has been bestowed on him.