Sunday, 28 October 2007

Yes as you can see I changed the name of the blog so I thought that I would post a picture of a project that I am working on right now. I also know that if anyone else who knits reads this blog I am probably light years behind everyone else by way of this is the first time I have EVER done a braided cable thanks to a question I posted on Also yes there is a screw up in the middle of that braid but I don't care it wouldn't be one of my projects if there wasn't a few mistakes. So yes for all of you asking I am proud of myself. I will be even more proud when I figure out how to pick up stitches along the edge to turn this into a hat.

Now off topic of Knitting I just spent the bulk of my weekend at Casino Windsor. No gambling is not my thing, no you will never find me at gamblers annonmous saying "Hi my name is Brynne and I have a gambling problem". It's something that my husband and his mom and sometimes his sisters or an aunt or something enjoy doing every once in a while. I thought that I would give Windsor a second chance explination of "second chance" I went with my husband and mother-in-law a few years ago I don't think we were married yet and I HATED it! I try not to say hate too much cause it's a very strong word but I hated this trip we sat around and watched his mom hit the button on the slot machine for hours "Hi my name is _ _ _ _ and I'm addidcted to slot machines" and it was boring and I felt very let down cause they always talked about going to Windsor and how fun it is and how I should go. So disapointing. So after a few years I decided to give it a second chance this time it was my husband his mom his sister and myself we had a room so we could sleep (not that his mom slept are you kidding me she spent the entire night on the same machine). I want to make this perfectly clear that I know that some people like that and I have nothing aginst that but it's just not for me. So we arrived at about 4:00 or so and went to the room and dropped our bags and got to the casino we did end up watching his mom play slots again (BORING!) and we played some slots ourselves (EVEN MORE BORING!) Daves game is roulette. we played that a few times and won some and lost some (it happens but it's more fun then pushing a button) and we tried our hand at 3 card poker (that game was not treating us well at all). Won a little bit more on roulette and then went to the room and slept. That was about at 12:30 am. we woke up at 8 we had to be going by about 10 so Dave and I went downstairs and learned craps (I like craps) it's fun I really only know the basics but it's still fun. As we were leaving we hit another roulette table (oh yes I forgot to tell you when Dave goes to casino and no this is not an every other week kind of thing he takes everything he's won while there places it on a roulette table before we leave and if we lose oh well and if we win Woo-Hoo!!) Now it's not like he just takes money and when we start running out he's at the atm taking more out we can pay our bills and make our mortgage he saves for a trip like this (as any reasonable person would). So he puts the remainder of his money on the roulette table and.......................... We lose. It was an obscene amount of $$ I don't even want to say how much cause I don't need people thinking I'm a spoiled rotten brat (which I sort of am but not a RICH spoiled rotten brat). And yes there's a difference. I thought I was going to cry it was very sad even the dealer was sad for us (or atleast she acted sad). You know it's bad when the dealer is sad that you lost money. So that was my weekend and OMG I am actually posting from home and not from work it's amazing!

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Wednesday, 24 October 2007


So today is mine and my husbands 4 year anniversary. And what are we doing to celebrate?? We're both at work right now. I know I'm going to see him after work. I've already had a few people tell me that I am lucky that at least I get to have a real dinner with him later tonight and I actually get to see him. And I know I am lucky in that respect but I am also selfish and I would have liked to spend the whole day with him. OH well. We are going to order in (from Outback Steak House) and maybe get a movie. We already did the present thing. we have this new thing that we do when one of our birthdays comes up or for our anniversary (I've already informed him that we can't do this for christmas it just wouldn't be fun) We set a limit and go shopping at a store that the person who is celebrating enjoys. So for instance for me we went to Valley Tack (did I mention I heart Valley Tack) and for him we went to Sears hardware. I've already gone over those trips in the last post so I'm not about to bore you with the details a second time. So right now not a fun anniversary but as soon as I get home let the smooching begin (that isn't any different from any other day trust me) .

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Monday, 22 October 2007

Ahh the weekend how I miss it (and it's only Monday)

So the weekend is over and we are back to work. On the up side it looks like they might actually keep me around here. I've been enrolled for a Sharepoint class. On the down side I've been reading the sharepoint notebook and working on macromedia contribute (or trying to work on contribute) I am on a different server then the rest of my office cause they needed a temp but didn't have space in their office to put me so I was put in the education office. Which is on the same floor and right there so it isn't like I am several buildings away from my office or anything but I am now on educations network not OSR. We are thinking that might be affecting my inability to make a proper connection, we're working on it. This weekend I didn't get to make it to any festivals or anything (didn't I say at the beginning that this blog would quickly deteriorate to something that has nothing to do with local festivals? Yep that's what I thought. Instead let's start with Friday. Friday I got home to find my husband fast asleep on the couch (and of course our power was out). so I changed into something comfy and got on the couch with him and we never even made it out of the house. We ordered in and watched some of the shows that we DVR through out the week. Saturday Morning I woke up at about 7:40 to my husband saying ummm babe what time are you usually out of here? and I reply 7. He tells me what time it is and I jump out of bed get dressed my sister calls me from our parents house (about 2 miles down the road) and says I'm on my way I woke up late sorry. Sarah picked me up and we went to the barn and worked for a few hours and then we rode for about an hour which, is usually really great but there were some girls there that were supposed to start their lesson at 11:00 and they started late. Do you know what a Rouge horse is? it's a specific color and from what I can tell they have a bad attitude. Possibly this doesn't apply to all Rouges but to this one we tried to stay as far away from him as possible. We left the barn at about 2:40 (yikes!) I got home and started preparing for my moms birthday party. OH did I mention that we got my mom really awesome Peter, Paul and Mary tickets for her birthday, and that morning when I got into Sarahs' car she says to me "so the concert got canceled" WHAT?? turns out it wasn't canceled it was moved because Mary is getting back surgery. She just had to scare me like that cause Dad did it to her first. So I cleaned up and got the last of the cooking done for mom's birthday party and the family arrived at my house at about 5. We ate we hung out we watched football. people left at about 7ish to go downtown and watch the ball game on the big screen at Jacobs field. I did not go I was so tired after that day that I wouldn't have been fun to hang out with. So I stayed home and ordered a movie (Bridge to Terabithia) I had to read that in Junior High and I don't remember the ending being that sad. I swear I cried the last fifteen minutes of that movie. So Sunday starts out with us rushing around to get ready for Church (yeah I know I can't believe the sky didn't fall that day either). it was our Nieces dedication ceremony (it's sort of like baptism but without the water). You should have seen how happy Daves dad was to see his whole family in church (with the exception of one son but he was out of state that day so he had a valid excuse). Then we went back to Daves parents house and had "Sunday dinner" basically they eat a really big meal at like noon and call it dinner on Sundays. I almost got bit by my brother in laws, girlfriends dog. that was delightful (little shit dog). Don't get me wrong I have nothing against dogs if they are trained but this dog has bit several people, including the Niece who by the way is only about 6 months old or something like that. Maybe there's a chemical imbalance in his brain or something but I don't get it. So we ate (again) lots of food. Left and went shopping (it's our 4 year anniversary on Wednesday). So for me we went to Valley Tack (I heart Valley Tack) and I got new boots, and I pretty fleece vest that's quilted on the inside. Then we went to Sears hardware for Dave for his presents and he bought some tools and a tote bag so that when he's at work he has a bag that he can toss the tools that he needs in when he gets sent to a job site to fix a machine. And now it's Monday (the weekends totally need to be longer). Who do you think we need to talk to about that so that through out the entire world the week lasts from Monday to Thursday and the weekend Starts on Friday. That would be nice wouldn't it?

Good Mosh pitting!

I am at work and should probably be reading up on sharepoint.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

For all of the Starbucks illerate people out there

I certinally don't mean that as a slam I know quite a few starbucks illerates I share an office space with two of them. The difference between these two and all of the other starbucks illerates is that one of the two guys that I share office space with feels the need to question everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING! I sent them a funny little video a few days ago (and for the life of me I can't remember where I got it from otherwise I would post it here as well). Well the guy who feels the need to question everything all the time, lets just call him Bob (cause saying the guy who feels the need to question everything all the time is too much of a hassel). And I know that if he's reading this he's laughing right now because Bob is acutally my office nick name. So Bob turns around after watching the "informational" video on ordering coffee and says to me "I didn't know you could order your coffee in a specific tempature" and I said "yes indeed you can, you can order your drink any tempature you want" and he said something about someone coming into a starbucks and ordering their latte at 210 degrees and I said "any intellegent person would know not to do that because that would scold the milk". He then replied with "I think she just called me dumb". I told him I was not calling him dumb just stating the fact that seriously who is stupid enough to go into a coffee shop and order their latte at 210 degrees? And then he's starts a rant about all of the different choices and how is he supposed to remember all of that and Starbucks should have numbers like McDonalds and he should beable to order what's in the picture cause it's just to hard. Actually that was a completely different rant of his on several occasions. I must say he knows how to push my buttons and sometimes it makes me crazy that he just thinks that things should be the way he says they should be, because he says so. And so for your reading pleasure I give you Barista Brats Ordering for Dummies. it's sort of an old post of hers so if you read it and comment on it and she doesn't comment back don't be offended. Of course if you are a blogger you already know all of this.
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barista brat: ordering for dummies

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


So I said a few days ago that I was going to admit my collegues to the psych-ward. here is my explination on of the guys that I share office space with decided that on october 11th or 10th or something like that. He decided that it would be fun to play christmas music. Because "all the stores are probably going to be playing it soon anyway and I want to beat them to the punch". I am not normally a crabby pants like this but seriously Christmas Music???? in October? I know that the holidays are creaping up on us. I don't mean that in a negative way holidays are usually fun (slightly stressful since now I have my in-laws to hang with too) But my god he thought that playing christmas music was a good idea and "fun" I don't think so. Seriously there are only so many christmas songs before they start repeating.
Rant over.

sorry for the angst.

good mosh pitting

Thursday, 11 October 2007


I'm having the guys that I share an office space with comitted tomorrow। I will elaborate on a later blog as I am at work. Let me just say Christmas Music!!!

Cleveland, Crazy, Crazy Cleveland

So yesterday at about 1:00 pm there was a school shooting in Cleveland। No it certinally wasn't the calibur of Columbine or Virgina Tech but it still happened। It makes me sort of sad that kids feel that their lives are so horrible that they need to bring a gun into their school and shoot it up। (and I do mean kids at this point because this kid was only 14)। This boy at the beginning of the week got into a fight with another boy from his school right outside of the school (let me right now point out that across the street from this school is a news station)। That news station catches the fight on their security cameras. Someone from that station goes over to the school yard and breaks up the fight. The one boy gets suspended. On Wednesday he comes into his school and shoots 4 people and then himself. At this point the news station across the street is probably thinking of nothing but "oh how lucky are we that we are located directly across the street from the action" not "my god some kid just went into that school across the street and shot people and then killed himself" I understand that they are news people and that's what they make a living off of and it's what they do but you would think that they would have some kind of compasion. I could be wrong about said news station maybe they were genuily worried about the school. Maybe that's why I am so sad today. It makes me sad that kids these days think their lives are really that bad. I know that things could be going on at home that no-one knows about. But seriously? thinking "I'm going to bring a gun to school and punish those who have punished me". WTF!? Why? It really does make me sad. as I said this was not the calibur of Columbine or Virgina Tech cause no-one else died except the shooter but........ I'm going to ramble about this if I don't stop right now. So I'm stopping until I have a cleared mind and more time to actually blog (cause of course I'm at work right now)

Before I go short update on Roo. (see post before this one). Still MIA, :,-(
We are going to go to the Shelter on Friday just to see if maybe they have him and he's been overlooked. which will either be really good or really bad because I have already been told by my husband and I quote "I don't want to come home with just any cat. I want Roo".
How cute he's fallen in love with a kitty cat.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Back Story on the Cat

So this cat has been hanging around my husbands work for about 2 weeks and this past Monday, my husband got to work and he wasn't there and he was really worried (kinda cute really). any guy willing to actually take care of a stray cat that just happens to land at his work place (and I do mean take care of him) We've actually bought food for this little guy and everything. Well anyway This past Monday my Husband arrived at work to find that Roo (he named him Roo) was MIA and he was really worried about him. Tuesday he was at home sick so he didn't know what was going on with Roo. Today he arrives at work again to find no Roo. He's very distressed about this whole thing. And worried that something had happened to him. So I took matters into my own hands. I called the Berea Animal Rescue Fund (or more affectionately known as B.A.R.F) yeah we've been laughing about that one all day. They said that they in fact picked up a cat that sounds like it could be Roo (this picture was taken by my husband on his phone). They have no pictures of said cat on their website so I have sent them an email to see if they would take a picture and send it to me. Currently my self and my husband are at work but I called him and told him "I think I found Roo". He was elated and I think he's going down to the shelter on his way home from work today (cause it's right by his work). So Possibly cat #4 in our house hold. Thankfully if this doesn't happen to be the cat we think it is, this animal shelter does not euthanize their rescues so they can live out their lives at the shelter or they can find a good home. So there it is Cat (he's really cute isn't he) Back to work it is.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2007


So I feel I was a bit hasty in my decision to Eat that tofu yesterday cause I was sick lastnight. And believe me I totally blamed it on the cafeteria food (cause this has happened before) Then I find out that there is a woman in my office that is out today with the stomach flu and, my husband is home sick today. Which obviously I knew he's usually out of the house before me and today not so much (good thing he works for a relative). But still Jerk Tofu, probably not such a great plan in the future. Nothing noteworthy to post today it is considerably cooler out today which makes me very very happy.

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Monday, 8 October 2007

How does this blog thing work?

As I sit here and eat my jerk tofu (yes I said tofu) I realize that what I talk about in my blogs (all three entries thus far) arent'really all that interesting. How does this blog thing work? How do I get readers to start reading and continue to read? Should I make my blog about something more then what events and festivals are going on around the region? I think maybe I should. The Problem is that my life is not interesting. No I don't mean it's not interesting to just me (cause all of us think our lives are boring). My life is actually boring. I mean even back when I was a BUX barista and had a bit more freedom to do things during the week my life was boring. Days that went without work were usually filled with trips to the West Side Market, lots of coffee breaks, and cleaning the house. NOw that I have a regular 9-5 job it's even more mundane. I wake up I go to work I work on mindless paperwork (and on my lunch if I have time write a blog) I go home make dinner get the house cleaned up jog and watch television. I don't have a customer service job anymore so I don't have "obnoxious customers" to talk about and, my bosses aren't those "I am the boss so that makes me better then you" types they are all very down to earth. It's like we're all adults here and we all get treated like adults. It's an amazing concept really when you consider there are some people in our office space that act like they are ten and they are still treated with the same respect everyone else gets. So how does one get this whole Blog thing off the ground? Maybe I'll confide in brat even though I don't actually know her she is the only other blogger that I read on a regular basis. (and if anyone is reading this blog have you checked out her's yet?? you need to!

Well I suppose that is all I wanted to say.

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Saturday, 6 October 2007


It is saturday morning at 6:30 What am I doing up? I have to go and clean stalls in an hour. and I couldn't sleep cause it's still FREAKING HOT AS HELL!!! Also I have to make a correction (not that anyone is reading) but the Antique Festival in Birmingham is this weekend not the 13th and 14th. I am dumb.
and at this point I have nothing interesting to say so I am going to go before I bore anyone who is actually reading।
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Friday, 5 October 2007

Indian Summer

So I know that weather is crazy all around the world right now but seriously it's October 5th and it's 87 degrees out. Yes it's a whole hell of alot hotter in the city right now then it is here at home but Tre' Gross!! seriously! This is rediculous I do not want to have to go and clean horse stalls tomorrow in this weather.

And Rant over the Indians are playing (and from the sounds of what I'm hearing from my living room Badly) and we're going to see The Seeker later so I am going to go.
Good Mosh Pitting!

First Blog of Many

So I know that this is going to be the first blog of many to come. Possibly not as fun as some others out there (for instance Barista Brat) Who is AWSOME! But for my first blog I am actually blogging from work, very much not west of Cleveland but very much Eastside at work. Work is interesting and being a westsider I have learned alot working "downtown". I've never worked this far away from my house before. Usually it is Westlake, or Avon, or even as far as North Olmsted, but the "eastside" of Cleveland is a new domain for me. People wander the streets and walk up to your car window asking for spare change at red lights. Yes I know I am very suburbia to find that "strange" but that isn't something we see where I live and it isn't really that scary either (atleast not yet) I haven't had a gun pulled on me or anything I probably just jinxed it didn't I?

Why did I start a blog? I have nothing interesting to talk about. My life is not interesting.
OH well if I get readers I get readers and if I don't then I don't.
Here is what is going on West of Cleveland by way of festivals. (and some not so far west)

On Saturday October 6th There is a Fall New Car Show at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted Starting at 10:00. New cars from lots around the area to be drooled on and admired.

Also on Saturday
A Scrap Quilt Exhibit
In the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Nature Center Starting at 9:30 if you're into quilts.

Now Through October 12 there is a Mid Ohio Draft Horse Sale In Mt Hope off of Route 241

Through October 13 is the Bradford Pumpkin Show in the streets of Bradford
The Fairfield County Fair in Lancaster Ohio

October 13-14
Apple Festival in downtown oak harbor
Harvest Festival, Hale Farm and Village, in Bath Ohio
Corn and Pumpkin Harvest Weekend , Lake Metroparks Farmparks in Kirtland
Apple Butter Days and Fall Foliage Tour in Gnadenhutten
Apple Butter Festival in Burton
(wow we really like our apples in Ohio don't we?)
And there's an Antique Festival in Birmingham Ohio

Now through October 21 The Pumpkin Train Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation In Findlay
Also through October 21 The Ohio Renaissance Festival In Harveysburg

Through October 27
The Old Haunted State Street School on State St. in Vermilion
Terror Park, Cooper Stadium in Columbus
Haunted Wagon Ride and Scary Bale Maze, Young's Jersey Dairy, Yellow Springs
Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride in Wilmington
Train of Terror and Haunted Engine House in Findlay

Man there's alot going on in October that's not even half of it
and I have a feeling that my posting what festivals are going on around Ohio is not going to last long. This may just end up being a fun semi-pointless blog. If my blog sucks let me know and if you don't want to read my blog at least check out Barista Brat as I've said AWESOMENESS only awesomeness from brat.