Wednesday, 24 October 2007


So today is mine and my husbands 4 year anniversary. And what are we doing to celebrate?? We're both at work right now. I know I'm going to see him after work. I've already had a few people tell me that I am lucky that at least I get to have a real dinner with him later tonight and I actually get to see him. And I know I am lucky in that respect but I am also selfish and I would have liked to spend the whole day with him. OH well. We are going to order in (from Outback Steak House) and maybe get a movie. We already did the present thing. we have this new thing that we do when one of our birthdays comes up or for our anniversary (I've already informed him that we can't do this for christmas it just wouldn't be fun) We set a limit and go shopping at a store that the person who is celebrating enjoys. So for instance for me we went to Valley Tack (did I mention I heart Valley Tack) and for him we went to Sears hardware. I've already gone over those trips in the last post so I'm not about to bore you with the details a second time. So right now not a fun anniversary but as soon as I get home let the smooching begin (that isn't any different from any other day trust me) .

Good Mosh Pitting!

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