Wednesday, 30 January 2008

In the News: Dietitian Jennifer Sygo, of CC Toronto, Says It's Not Pasta that Adds Pounds, It's Portions

Really we have to monitor how much we eat to sustain a healthy weight?? I never knew that!!! Are human beings really so stupid that we haven't figured out that eatting 3 cups of pasta (cooked by the way) is excess? I know health care they are good people and they are going to change the world some day. But a five year old could have told us that "eatting too much makes us fat" DUH!!!!

here is the article that is attached to my entry title from the National Post.
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Why does everyone say that pasta makes you fat?
That's a question my clients often ask me, and, as part of my second column on the benefits of carbohydrates, I'll tell you what I tell them: It's not so much the pasta, but the amount. Most people don't realize that a single portion of pasta is about ½ cup, cooked, while a serving of cooked rice is a scant ¹/³ of a cup. Take a measuring cup out and get a look at these measurements -- it's not a lot. These servings contain approximately 100 calories -- about the same as a slice of bread, a banana, 100 grams of lean meat or about 10 cups of raw spinach. So while it might seem strange for many individuals to find themselves eating six slices of bread (or six bananas) at a meal, it is not uncommon to be served three cups of pasta (equal to six half-cup servings) in a sitting. That's far too much for most adults, especially if they are relatively sedentary.
That being said, it's important to remember that anyone with higher energy needs -- teens, young adults, active individuals, pregnant and lactating women, some adult men-- will easily be able to manage eating two or more servings at a time without any unwanted weight gain. But, on average, pasta and rice portions have grown to unreasonable proportions.
A second issue with starchy carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta and potatoes, is their impact on our blood sugar and hormones. While almost any food can be tolerated in small enough amounts, the relatively large portions of starchy carbohydrates that we tend to eat at a meal can cause a relatively rapid rise in blood sugar, resulting in the release of the hormone insulin. Insulin triggers the storage of the sugar, first as a substance known as glycogen in the liver and muscle, but once these stores are full, the remainder of the sugar is stored as body fat. The bottom line: By cutting down on our portions of carbs, we provide ourselves with a simple way to manage our weight.
In addition to the impact on body fat, there is also evidence that high carbohydrate meals may stimulate overeating at the next meal. Specifically, while carbohydrates can suppress the appetite-stimulating hormone known as ghrelin (making you feel full), this effect wears off relatively quickly. In other words, while carbohydrates help us to feel full in the hour or two after a meal, we often end up heading back to the fridge a few hours later.
A simple way to control this appetite-stimulating effect caused by carb-rich meals is to not only control portions, but also to balance their effect with a source of protein (like lean chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, beans, tofu or dairy or soy products). Not only do protein-rich foods suppress ghrelin (therefore suppressing hunger) immediately after a meal, they also continue to do this longer than carbohydrates do. As a consequence, including protein at a meal tends to result in fewer calories being eaten at the next meal, helping us to control our total food intake without us even realizing it. Protein also offers an extra kick by inducing a process known as thermogenesis, which helps us to burn more energy (as body fat), even when we are at rest.
I think that, in the race towards leanness, we tend to forget about nutritional quality. Yes, protein can help us to stay full longer, and may also help us to burn more body fat than carbohydrates, so we should include protein at each meal. But, believe it or no, fat burning is not everything. When it comes to the variety of nutrients available, nothing beats plant-based carbohydrate-rich foods -- at least those that are in a state most closely derived from the Earth. Specifically, fruits, whole grains, non-starchy and starchy vegetables (including potatoes -- yes, potatoes) are loaded in nutrients ranging from bowel-healthy fibre to blood pressure-controlling potassium, and most are rich in dis-ease-fighting compounds known as polyphenols. Many of these nutrients are not available, or only in limited amounts, from low fat, protein-rich foods such as chicken or turkey. So by including carbs in our diet, not only do we experience pleasure, but also significant health benefits if we eat the right kind of carbs.
One final critical, but often overlooked factor in carbohydrates' favour is their impact on the environment. Unlike animal proteins, which require substantial inputs of water and energy, not to mention their own food (which in turn requires energy to produce, process and transport), plant-based carbohydrates require a fraction of the total energy to grow. If we all turn to lean animal protein as our primary fuel in our battle of the bulge, we will put even more pressure on the Earth's resources. So while protein undoubtedly plays an important role in weight management that is not to be overlooked, it is also important not to throw the carbohydrate-based baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. There is room for balance and moderation in our use of both.
-Jennifer Sygo is a dietitian in private practice at Cleveland Clinic Canada (, which offers executive physicals, prevention and wellness counselling and personal health care management in Toronto.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

What kind of Knitter are you?

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

You appear to be a Knitting Adventurer. You are through those knitting growing pains and feeling more adventurous. You can follow a standard pattern if it's not too complicated and know where to go to get help. Maybe you've started to experiment with different fibers and you might be eyeing a book with a cool technique you've never tried. Perhaps you prefer to stick to other people's patterns but you are trying to challenge yourself more. Regardless of your preference, you are continually trying to grow as a knitter, and as well you should since your non-knitting friends are probably dropping some serious hints, these days.
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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Triangle and Envy

OK the envy part only makes sense if you watch full metal alchmist. you can blame my husband for that one

and the triangle if you are from the area is familar and self explanatory (also I see this every day on my way into work)

Knitting Blunder

So I bought the scarf style book on amazon and I absolutely love it
The problem is that I have a hard time interpreting some of the instructions. I don't know if this is because it's just much easier for me to do things hands on or if it's because I'm left handed and there for knitting backwards (ummm continental I think) so my problem is ssk. now I know that the second someone comes along and explains this to me I'm going to be smacking myself in my forehead but from what I gather I slip the first stich over (and since this is backwards) to my left needle and then slip the second one to the left and then knit them back?? I'm so confused. possibly when I am not at work I will have to watch the video that is provided on Knitting help dot com but until then HELP!!

Good mosh pitting!

Added on 1/23/2008

so I have been told that left handed is not the same as continental or backwards for that matter. Left handed is simply left handed. Also I have been told that this is just a decrease. I mean it's a left leaning decrease. but now that I know that it makes way more sense. dude I think I have the dumb this week or something. :-P

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Soft and Square for Pickled Beef

OK so this is the soft portion, I guess I could actually call the carrier square? maybe. possibly more rectangle as well. I'm trying this is my first time.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Work in Progress

Alright I know I haven't had anything on the site since my hat pretaining to knitting. I promise I will. Tomorrow (I think) I am getting a knitting book. Scarfstyle, and there's a shrug sweater in there that I am going to attempt to make. I've been trying to make this blog partly about my knitting but I haven't been very active in the knitting lately. Sorry. :-(

Good Mosh Pitting!

Monday, 14 January 2008

This weekend I flew

The bug is gone. it's been gone but I have gone through the 'de-contamination' chamber and I am good now. So is my husband after a poor lapse in judgment last saturday when he said "I feel great I'm going to order pizza" worst plan ever seriously. And because the bug is gone I was back to the barn. Back to scooping poop, and riding until I could barely walk. It was totally worth it. So I am told that my aunt is going to look for a new schooling horse. Which makes me sad cause I love Joe, but lets face it he's getting old and needs Bute just so he'll go. and with the Bute let me tell you he goes for sure. This weekend I rode 3 horses. I rode Joe in my lesson. Then my sister said something about cantering and saw the look in my eyes you know that "I wanna canter again" you need to remember that before a year ago I was probably easily in 5th or 6th grade the last time I rode. So my sister says hey lets let Brynne on Showoff so she can canter. I then said yeah I know I could never canter on Joe I mean possibly I could but............ well again he's pretty old. So I hopped on Showoff and flew, It's such a good feeling. After I got off of showoff I rode Jake. Remember him? the Red one? oh did I tell you that about ummmm 2 weeks ago maybe (the week before I had the death bug) Jake freaked out and dragged me? yep that was fun. he's still my boy and his owner and I had a conversation about it and she asked would I like to ride him? would I? I think that answer is obvious! So I rode Jake next, he's not an easy horse to ride. I have watched him go before and it looks easy but he's stubourn, and plays that hee hee there's a new person on my back what can I get away with? game. But all of it was fantastic, if I could ride that hard every weekend I would.

good mosh pitting!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


So has anyone else been afflicted with this super bug? this flu that lasts like a whole week. how do you get rid of it? I've already been yelled at by my sister because yes folks I am that dumb one that takes a day off and then says to my self "self what do I do? do I stay home again or do I go in and risk it maybe if they see how bad off I am they will be more willing to believe me that I am miserably sick". I am not saying that the people that I work with don't trust me or other people that work here at all. I am however saying that I am used to working places where you have to fall over almost dead to get them to say Oh huh I guess you are sick sure let me find someone else to take your place and you can go home if I can find someone to cover for you. The sad part about this folks is that those jobs are all food service! yeah you'd think those people are really careful about coming in sick and they are very healthy and health conscious and they would never make their employees come in heaving and miserable. But the truth is that those are the jobs that are the worst about things like that because they staff just enough so that the staff is full for that shift but not over full so they can't spare anyone. I just had one of my co-workers come in and say to me. You don't need to prove yourself you're here everyday on time and you stay all day long and you are a hard worker. you have nothing that you have to prove. you need to go home and rest. so the game plan is ask the boss when she comes in if I can scram out of here at about noon. I'm pretty sure I'm not contagious anymore (at least I hope not because I have been promised death if the rest of the office catches this). But if I go home I can try and rest some more maybe get some nutrients into my body. This is sicker then I've been in a very long time. So I am hoping that most of you have not had to deal with this horrible thing cause it sucks!!! well wishes to everyone.

Good mosh pitting!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year

It's the second of January in the year 2008. Weird! This is the first year I spent new years eve not at home. Also when we were kids we didn't go anywhere my parents are not partiers but when I started getting old enough to stay up till midnight or later and we would ring in the new year by banging pots and pans on the front porch yelling and wailing HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Those were the days. This year I went to Windsor, it actually was funny my husband and I went with his mom and aunt. we got to spend alot of quality time together by ourselves. I mean really his mom gets a free room when she goes to windsor and she never uses it, so it was nice we had the room to ourselves and got to sleep at about 2:30 am it was nice and peaceful. And we came home with money which is rare, but nice.

so happy new year every one.