Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cleveland Clinic on a Wednesday Afternoon

Cleveland Clinic on a Wednesday afternoon, I know I work here so I am a little bias but on Wednesday afternoon from the beginning of June till the middle of October sometime we have a farmers market open to all employees, patients, visitors and anyone who comes along and is in the mood for some good food and fresh produce.

I know that for those of you who are lucky enough to work in downtown Cleveland on Wednesdays it's Walnut Wednesday. If you are a twitter user follow them here @WalnutWed

I must admit I am a bit envious and would like to make it to Walnut Wednesday one of these days but as I don't work close enough to downtown for me on Wednesdays it's the farmers market.

We have vendors that have been loyal to our little farmers market since it started in 2008. the Cleveland Clinic made a union with the North Union Farmers Market (which if you are from NE Ohio is basically everywhere) they do markets at Crocker Park and Kamm's Corners as well. But we're not talking about those markets we are talking about the one at the Cleveland Clinic.

There is a band (of sorts) it's a steel drum band that I swear learns a new song each week and then repeats it  for hours till the market is over (I vote we find a new band) possibly these guys are friends of someone who work for the clinic or have family that work for the clinic or maybe the are performing for free. I am not a fan of steel drums so this is just my opinion. 

And the vendors, oh the vendors, we have guys that sell grass fed cheese (did you know that cheese ate grass?) Very tasty.

Also (not pictured) grass fed beef  I am told (I have never bought from them) tasty.

There is one stand specifically that sells Amish baked goods. Pies and cookies and pecan rolls I have bought from them (though not lately) but if the quality is the same this season as it was last season it's all delicious (and sustained many actor types during long Wednesday night rehearsals).

La Campagna, which has a restaurant and catering company in Westlake Ohio. They tend to serve tasty sandwiches today I had their tomato basil chicken patty sandwich. I would have taken a picture of it but lets face it I was hungry just take my word for it, it was very good. They make their own rhubarb ketchup and normally I am not a ketchup person (I tend to avoid it at all costs) but this was very good. 

Ohio City Pasta which again if you live in NE Ohio is a bit of a staple, they have stands all over at various farmers markets plus a permanent stand at the West side Market. All of the pastas are fresh made and delicious.

We have vendors that sell nothing but fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes. Many varieties (some that you may not know what to do with but if you ask they could give you a recipe on the spot and it's probably delicious)

Spice Kitchen and Bar is another stand I frequent, they usually make either burritos or sandwiches (but if you want that you better get to the market the second it opens because they sell out fast) 

Salad and soup, todays soup selection was tomato bisque with a leek pesto and house made croutons.

Also Perla Pierogie in Parma Ohio fantastic pierogies' and other sweet treats too (although I have only ever had their pierogies' as that is all they bring to the market).  

There are several other very good vendors at our market that if you want to see and meet them for yourself you need to get down here because, after asking a few of the vendors if it were alright if I post a picture of their product or sign on the my blog I felt like a bit of a douche bag. Nothing warrants me having a blog to begin with but here I am. Possibly no-one is even reading this non-sense but I will send it out into the Internets and see if by chance someone, some day stumbles across my little corner of the world and decides to stay for a while.

Disclaimer: All pictures in this post are pictures I took myself with my camera phone so the quality isn't great but it's what I have.