Thursday, 25 June 2009

Movie Review Time

You know the drill I usually add spoilers so if you are going to see this movie I suggest you don't read any further then THIS!

The Proposal
Staring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (Oh and did I mention Betty White? I freaking love her she's amazing!)

So the story starts out with Ryans character (Andrew) and Sandras character (Margaret) Getting ready for the busy day at work she is dressing grabbing a bite to eat and going over some prospects (she is a book editor) he is sleeping (way later then he should be) she is calm cool and organized he is flying out the door to the local Starbucks for his bosses (Margaret) morning latte (which by the way he spills all over himself) but wait he happens to drink the exact thing that she does just in case of an instance like this (she calls his bluff and calls him pathetic). Much to Margarets dismay her visa is expired (she's from Canada) and she is going to be deported, until Andrew walking into this meeting and she announces that they are engaged. Did I mention that Andrew HATES Margaret? Basically the entire office does. She's referred to as a witch and shrew. Margaret and Andrew pay a visit to the immigration office the make their "engagement" official and are called out on it (apparently the immigration office was tipped off by the supervisors at Andrew and Margarets office) They are taking a few days to get their stories straight so they travel to Sitca Alaska for Andrews grandmothers 90th birthday. What Margaret didn't know is that Andrews family are like the Rockefeller's of Alaska, they own everything in town and have a lot of money to back it up. Andrew and Margaret announce their "engagement" while they are in Alaska (and Andrews ex-girlfriend is there by the way she's adorable) and it gets suggested that they get married while they are there. Betty White (Grandma Annie) insists that they get married that weekend in the barn (it's tradition you know) because she's had 89 birthdays already she doesn't need another she'd rather see her grandson get married (before she dies). Andrews father gets a phone call from the immigration office "checking up on them" as he promised and invites the officer to Alaska to witness the wedding for himself. Also to try and get Andrew to take money to expose the fraud and walk free. (that doesn't work)

Margaret doesn't have such family ties as Andrew does her parents have passed and she has no siblings or grandparents Andrews family (even though they know how much pain and anguish she has put him through) takes her in as one of their own (it's causes a major mental breakdown) Margaret has forgotten what it's like to have family and people who are always there for you. The wedding starts out beautifully (complete with a hand me down dress that every woman in that family has worn for their own weddings) When Margaret cuts off the minister and confesses that the entire thing is a sham. Leaving the island with the immigration officer packing up her office in New York Andrew shows up wanting to marry her (for real this time) now that he's gotten to know her he's fallen in love with her and wants to help her to stay in the country.

Happy ending

Awwwwwwwwwww <3

Raise a Glass

I think we all need to raise a glass on this Thursday June 25th, Justin was a best friend, a son, a brother and an amazing human being. Today would have been his 28th birthday. I know what you are thinking "why are you dwelling on the sad?" but I'm not, I think it's time to celebrate the life of a wonderful human being. Please raise a glass with me in honor of Justin I'm sure he's doing the same, forever in the sun always happy and without worry. He's raising a glass of something extremely sweet and strong and cheering all of us as we should cheer him.

Monday, 22 June 2009

West of Cleveland the Father's Day Edition

Welcome to the West of Cleveland Father's Day Edition blog. We spent the day yesterday at Stan Hwyet for their Father's day Classic car show. which I know is not exactly west of Cleveland it's more South but whatever. Normally I am pretty good with my years and makes but some of these you will have to bear with me.

This is a shot of my dad and his 1979 Corvette

Volkswagon (year and make don't ask me I just thought it was "cute" in quotation marks cause I know that cars are not supposed to be cute)
Correction I still don't have a year but the make is a Karman Ghia

this is a Triumph (again year I am not so sure of maybe 1946) I don't love this color but the car is cool and really isn't that all that matters.

Thunderbird 1955 maybe. It was one of the only t-birds that caught my eye.
Another correction by my Dad (but I was close)
1957 Thunderbird

1967 Rover TO. Don't ask me what that is exactly but it's a cool looking car.

Roadster (I'm going with late 20's early 30's)

the year and make on this one escapes me. I want to say Jag and it's going to be around the 1960's

1936 Packard (the Packards were the invited car this year)
Every year that is a featured car and this year it was Packards the Packard club of Florida was out.

1973 Ford Mustang

Mercedes Benz another one where the year escapes me but I love how the doors open up and not out.

The Row of Corvettes (can you pick out which one is Dad's)

Another Row of Cars this one was to the right of where we sat.


GT Shelby Cobra Replica 1965 or 66 maybe I tried not to get too close to this one for fear I might drool on it.

Ford Model T

Another Lovely shot of Dad's car.

1966 Chevrolet Corvair

1933 Auburn

1969 Mach 1 Mustang

Mini Cooper another year that escapes me but check it out.
here's a view of the back of the Mini and it's clearly European.

1958 Porche Speedster this picture does it no justice, the color is much prettier.

This is a 1948 Chrysler Woodie.

1947 Rolls Royce

1937 Rolls Royce
And a shot of the back of that same car.

Early 30's Rolls Royce.

This sign is actually the explanation for the next car

1929 Ford

1922 Cadillac (that's my sister to the left and Dad to the right)

1912 Model T Ford

And this car (not a classic by the way it's a 1988 speedster) This car runs on batteries only there are 15 of them in all makes the car weigh a lot and it doesn't make any noise when it's on which makes it really dangerous cause people expect to hear something when there is a car coming at them. The horn gets used a bunch in this car not out of being rude but just to make sure no-one gets killed. The guy who owns this car told us that you can usually get 50-60 miles per charge.
Dave said that if you closed the hood and doors that it would look like a shoe. :-P
That's all I have to say to him about that. I thought this car was cool.

So that was our Father's day it ended up getting nice and warm and sunny, (which was bad for Sarah as she was burnt to a crisp from the day before) but it was great for the rest of us. Good weather and cool cars with my family. That's all I needed to be happy.

Hope everyone else got to have an enjoyable fathers day.

Monday, 8 June 2009

New name on my Blogroll

So if you may (0r may not) have noticed there is a new name on my blog roll (actually there are several) cause I've weeded out the ones that haven't posted and the ones I don't read all that often. One of the new names is Cleveland Sandwich Board, if you live in the Cleveland area (Adam, Erin (Both of you)) I find that this blog is most helpful and frankly entertaining when wanting to find somewhere you have never been before to eat and have always wondered to yourself "Huh I wonder if that's any good". Now I know that you can only judge for yourself and that your opinion is your opinion but if you could get an "insider" view per-say wouldn't you? and who knows Cleveland Sandwich Board may give the chosen restaurant/cafe a crappy review but it's possible that you've never heard of said place till seeing it on this site and wonder if it's really as crappy as he says or if maybe, just maybe you would like it if you went there. So you go and low and behold you LOVE IT! I have not had the opportunity to go to any of these places (yet) but I plan to visit a number of them because they all sound like eclectic fun places to try and go. So if you are interested in reading some restaurant/cafe reviews and discovering what may end up being your new favorite coffee shop or sandwich shop, check it out.

Good Mosh Pitting!!

Weekend Fun

We saw Up.Of course in 3-D cause lets face it hello you've got to see it in 3-D and (if you're my age) don't think of thriller at Disney 3-D it's more....................... background vs. foreground 3-D there is definition, it was worth it.

Now if you have a child who wants to see this movie I would say totally take them it's cute but (and this is a sensitive but for some people) if you have had someone older (grandparent or great aunt or uncle) in the family die recently you might not want to take them, it's pretty sad at the beginning.

Russell is funny and sweet really has no clue what the "wilderness" is. As he says "it's more wild then I expected". Russell is enthusiastic and persistent.

Mr. Fredricksen (Carl) is "not your average hero" retired balloon salesman at a theme park is being forced to leave his home which is what drives him to attach thousands of balloons to his home and fly the South America. While flying he discovers a stow away (Russell) on his porch.

Kevin is the name that Russell has given this very rare bird that is the center of the movie major trouble maker but sweet in HER own way (yes Kevin it turns out is a girl) Muntz (who I will talk about in a minute) is after Kevin because people do not believe such a bird exists and called Muntz a faker and a sham many years ago.

Dug the dog (I must admit I am a bit of a sucker for this under achieving dog) he's a golden mutt living in the wild of South America as part of a pack of dogs kept by none other then Muntz himself (oh did I mention all the dogs have the ability to talk?) Dug is sort of the nerd of the pack and constantly mocked for it. The other dogs in the pack send him on a "special" mission where Dug accidentally catches the large rare bird (Kevin).

Muntz (Charles Muntz) is a adventurer from the 1930's who inspired Carl (and late wife Ellie) to follow in his footsteps and parrot his famous mantra "adventure is out there". Charles Muntz has collected priceless relics and amazing scientific discoveries. Muntz however brought home a skeleton of the large rare bird (Kevin) and is called a fraud his discovery is discredited by the scientific world. He has vowed to bring back a live specimen for all the world to see (he fails by the way)

By the end of the movie Russell has achieved his goal and gotten his last Junior Wilderness Explorer patch and moves up in rank he and Carl become very best friends (and they gain the companionship of a talk dog)

That was our Friday.

Saturday I was up early out to the barn and working by 8ish (we needed to have a donut break first) and we loaded up the horses and went to Carlyle Park and went on a trial ride. it went well (give or take a few freak outs but nothing that knocked me off and nothing we couldn't handle). We even hit the ring for a bit cause it was open and well why not. It turns out that Showoff loves the trail riding and was actually a bit of a freak out in an unfamiliar ring by himself (which means I think it's part unfamiliar ring and part horses he's not familiar with). And possibly part me. It's completely possible that I freak out and don't realize it. But it was fun and a good afternoon and I was EXHAUSTED after we got back. I picked up pizza from Theresa's Pizza in North Ridgeville (if you live out there try their Western BBQ Chicken Pizza AMAZING! Went home ate and crashed. Crashed so hard that my sister called me and I answered the phone (little did I know) I didn't realize that I was actually on the phone till I heard Dave ask from the other room "Hey who are you talking to" and I said I was on the phone. Don't ask me how long before that point I was on the phone for I don't know and frankly neither does my sister (I asked). Sunday was lazy and fantastic we lounged around stopped by my parents house Dave helped (and when I say helped I mean he basically did all of the work) my Dad replace the valve covers in his Corvette. Now the valve covers are shiny and pretty instead of that ugly blue crap that was there before.
We hung out at the park (Dave played Basketball and I just sort of sat and hung out with Angie) But we basically lounged for the day it was nice to have a slow lazy day for once.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

Now it's Monday I'm stuck at work and oh yeah it's raining...... AGAIN!

Good Mosh Pitting everyone one!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


So I haven't done a WWC in a really, really long time but today I am surrounded by things that are yellow and in my purse is easy,

A Yellow Rose in the flower arrangement on my desk at work
Yellow Post-it Notes on my desk (and my fabulous hand lotion next to it)

You've seen this one already and I didn't take this picutre (obviously) but I heart this skirt it's so cute

And things in my purse..........

First, a shot of the inside of my purse (yes I am super organized and never loose anything) HA


My ChapStick (an essential if you ask me)

Hand Sanitizer (it's Coconut Lime Verbena)

My GPS (I would be completely lost without it trust me)

and eclipse mints so I always have minty fresh breath.

If you would like to join the fun go the Pickled Beef on my blog roll and join us, you know you want to.


So I've discovered this site over at lillyella, she's on my blog roll and does a regular Couture de Jour spotlight and one of the items is this gorgeous skirt

Now if you're me you think wow that looks a lot like something I could get at Anthropoligies (which I only ever get things there on mega sale cause everything is so expensive) which brings me to my second point which is it must cost a fortune but low and behold $36.99!!!! AWESOME!
So I have linked the home page here cause lets face who doesn't love a deal? And trendy clothes that don't cost a small fortune? Count me in! Happy shopping to all. :-)