Friday, 28 November 2008


Why am I at work? I've gotten one "emergengy" phone call it's been quiet the rest of the time. The boss lady is off so I don't want to just go home and get in trouble but I want to leave because honestly this is crazy! OK I'm over it because really bitching about it isn't going to make it any better. I hope everyone had lots of good turkey and trimmings and (I had a pumpkintini) they were pretty good. And now I'm at work. I think there are about a dozen of us up here, and I'm pretty sure only 2 or 3 people actually have work to do. Yes I LOVE MY JOB, I LOVE MY JOB! Oh sorry I do love my job just not the day after a holiday when there is no reason for us to even be here.

Friday, 21 November 2008

It's that time of year again

The time of year when I slowly slip into a food induced coma, that time of year when we get together and order Maggiano's for the office and have a big Thanksgiving feast. I can't believe that I am even awake enough to write this right now, I ate so much food, we had chicken pesto linguine, and baked ziti with sausage, and garlic and shrimp linguine and amazing salad with the BEST bleu cheese ever! I'm so glad we did this on a Friday I can just go home and (hopefully) lie on the couch and turn into a zombie for the rest of the evening. I hope you all have good plans for the weekend. Me I will be rehearsing because we're off next week as it is a holiday and the week after that is Tech (hell) week already so this is coming up awfully fast.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Post with video

I wish I could say this acutally was a post with a video. I was totally going to do a post with the video that my friend sent to me from the Sarah Brightman concert lastnight and talk about how incredibly jealous I was that he got to go and there is no way I'm getting to go this time around. But my computer won't recognize the video file so you'll just have to picture in your mind Sarah Brightman singing the song Anytime, Anywhere and being perfect and beautiful (as usual). Did I mention SO JEALOUS?

In the mean time my mind is sort of occupied with this little fender bender that I was in lastnight (and when I say little I mean there is no damage to either vehicle we were going about 5 miles an hour but the guy I hit says his neck hurts) I hope this doesn't blow into a big deal. It's totally stressing me out.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


So my husband tells me on the phone today that he woke up last night and I was standing at the foot of the bed. I don't know what the hell is up but I do know that I've had a history of "sleepwalking" of sorts. I have never actually gotten out of bed before I usually just sit up or something like that. It really bothers me that I do that, and it really bothers me that I have no recollection of it.


OK everyone think -y
Thoughts for me.

Monday, 10 November 2008

ARGH!!!! Homework!

I knew there was a reason I disliked school. We have theater homework. We need to come up with a character analysis for our (duh!) Character. But where do I start with something like this. I know it's 1843 I know that my character works with her mother in a shop where they sell their wares (knitted things caps and gloves and such) but who is she? She's lower class I've already determined that She's going to have a cockney accent I've also already determined that. But who is she? a shy girl who lives with her mother most likely in back of some-ones shop. They wouldn't live in their own shop right? I mean their poor so they don't own it. GAH!!!! I am so bad at this, I'm on about 7 website right now that are all about victorian england and conditions of the working class and European History. This is so frusterating I feel like I'm in school again and I still hate doing this kind of work. I don't even know where to start. Anybody got any brighter ideas then me? (trust me it's not hard my ideas are about as bright as a 15 watt bulb). Any resources that you know of that may help me out?

Good Mosh Pitting

Friday, 7 November 2008

Walking in Cleveland

Yesterday for lunch we decided to go walking to the pond in front of the Art Museum (cause really it was November 6th and we could comfortably walk around the streets of Cleveland without coats or anything it was beautiful). Now I do understand that we are being spoiled and that we are lucky that we have had such beautiful weather seeing as how it's November already but we thought that it should be taken advantage of in fact if it isn't raining I think we're walking again today. So I give you Autumn in Cleveland.

Side note I think that if I have time I'm going to pay a visit to the Art Museum as they are doing the Faberge and Tiffany's displays.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Give me an R-O-C-K-Y!!!

So this past weekend being Halloween we were good on Friday and handed out candy to all of the little goblins and ghosts and then went to a bon-fire down the street for a few hours. I don't think I really stopped on Saturday at all got up, went to the barn, cleaned stalls, rode for about 45 Min's, went home, showered, went straight to dance rehearsal for Scrooge, went home, showered (again) left again for dinner and Rocky Horror Picture show with my Sister, Jen and Char. It was wild and so fun live vs. movie I've got to say I prefer live. I am a little bias as I knew a few people in the cast so that made it all the more fun and I won a pair of crazy feathered eye lashed in the auction that they had at intermission. Aren't the fabulous?? I don't know where I would wear them maybe next year I'll do Rocky.