Thursday, 20 November 2008

Post with video

I wish I could say this acutally was a post with a video. I was totally going to do a post with the video that my friend sent to me from the Sarah Brightman concert lastnight and talk about how incredibly jealous I was that he got to go and there is no way I'm getting to go this time around. But my computer won't recognize the video file so you'll just have to picture in your mind Sarah Brightman singing the song Anytime, Anywhere and being perfect and beautiful (as usual). Did I mention SO JEALOUS?

In the mean time my mind is sort of occupied with this little fender bender that I was in lastnight (and when I say little I mean there is no damage to either vehicle we were going about 5 miles an hour but the guy I hit says his neck hurts) I hope this doesn't blow into a big deal. It's totally stressing me out.

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