Tuesday, 20 November 2007

More of the Boys

This is Joe or as I affectionatly call him "the hairless wonder" I love Joe I do I've been riding him since last January। He's in his twenties so he's getting up there too and with that I think he's getting grumpy. Not only do I ride him on a weekly basis or sometimes twice a week. He gets ridden by a 6 year old boy who...... well he's a beginner which is great because Joe is an easy horse to ride. But being constantly pulled on is wearing on him I think. So when I am on him it's a constant tug- of - war. The little boy who rides him doesn't know what is enough and what is too much. So Joe gets annoyed. but I love him he's a sweet boy.

This is my barn boyfriend Reno। He's a draft horse and his human mom is Kelly। She got him at a cheap price because he's too small for the amish to use but they didn't want him to go to waste so they sold him and she rides him। he's just a great big gentle giant। We love it when Reno comes to the barn. he is not a permant resident here but he has his lessons here and, when he's going to show he's here for six weeks at camp cindy" being trained daily.

And this is Jake। we love Jake he's a beautiful chestnut colour. extreamly sweet his human mom is Theresa. Jake is a permant resident at the barn we see him every week. Very friendly I havn't had a chance to actually ride him (yet) but I hope that one day I get to.

Night time at the barn

I think it's time to introduce you to some of the boys in the barn. I didn't get pictures of all of them but I have pictures of five of them. So to start this is LD. Big D or just plain D I think he's falling asleep in this picture. I mean it was about 7:15 or so and he's getting up there in age. D is blind in one eye so you can't approach him from the right side cause he won't see you and he always has some kind of infection like right now he has one under his chin. an Abses maybe. it's just a big bump. I'm probably using the wrong term even. anyway his human is Margie she's out every day to see him and his other half Amber, who I have not gotten a picture of yet.

This pretty boy is Showoff and he is a showoff. he's a great horse my sister rides him in her lessons. Also he's new so I don't actually know much about him. I do know that he bounces you around like a bouncy ball when you are riding him and all I've done is walk around on him. I can't imagine trotting. I think that might be what I'm trying this weekend when I am there though.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Food Coma!!!

Oh my god!!! We just had our Thanksgiving feast at work. Before I elaborate I have worked in food service and retail for so long that I never realized that people in office settings actually have holiday parties. The idea of this potluck was not to make something and bring it, it was give money and we are ordering food. So the date gets set and we all give money and we order from Maggiano's. Luckily I find out not only is the food here AMAZING!! We seem to have a connection. our Senior Directors husband is a manager at this resturant. So of course he comes with the food and sternos to keep our food warm and a table cloth that he draped across the kitchen counter. Two different salads, bread and butter, extra sauce for everything and extra cheese if the pasta possibly isn't cheesy enough for you. We stuffed our faces and there's still is enough for tomorrow. Except we can't seem to fit it in the fridge as is so people are loading up plates and taking it home. Now this is a FABULOUS plan except I'm not sure I can look at that food right now. I may explode if I do. I no longer have the energy to care about working for the rest of the day and, am slowly slipping into a food coma. On the upside being that this is Thanksgiving week I only have to work for 3 days. Another perk about working in an office that I thought was just a myth but I find the longer I am here the more things I learn about what is myth and what really happens. It's nice to beable to socialize and not get in trouble for it (because the "boss" is right there next to you socializing as well) Alright I am done I'm going to take an afternoon nap now (I wish) and tonight I am going horseback riding after work (projectile Ziti anyone??)

Good Mosh Pitting

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Meetings major boredom and Angst

Why is it everytime my office has a finance forum or meeting to go to they come to me and say "hey brynne could you come up and man the front desk?" and I of course say yes because this is my job we are talking about and I am still the temp so I should probably just shup up and do it. But before 'The Temp' came along what did they do? I know what they did the front stayed un-manned and some how everyone who came in to the office to drop something off or pick something up survived and made their own decisions (and intellegent decisions at that). Is it just that I happen to be here so they figure they should use me?? I mean honestly it's not like I answer the Senior Directors Phone while I am up here (cause I was already told not to worry about her phone) So her phone goes to voicemail and if for some reason the Department Phone rings I am to answer that but seriously it's not like I can solve anything for the person on the other end of the line so why not just let it go to voicemail. So I am bored.......... Bored, Bored, Bored. Because not only am I sitting up front I am here by myself. Sure the boys are here cause they are part of a different division so they don't have to go to these meeting but they are in the back office so I might as well be here by myself. Yes I'm whiny today. It's cold and dark and slushing out right now. I am not ammused. I know that this weather is going to make people driving home dumber then usual "OMG there is water on the road Must Drive with my Brakes!!!"

Angst Angst Angst

Good mosh pitting


that is not my normal OM what they hell!!! this day sucks :-(

Ha Ha found it! but still what is with the change?

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Alright no mocking this is my first attem(p)t at taking pictures of food. Apprantly also my first attempt at spelling as that p in the first attempt was added after the blog was posted. see what happens when I try to post blogs before I have a sufficent amount of coffee. I know camera phone blarg I should probably ask for a proper digital camera for the "c" word holiday including all of the proper equiptment. Anyway this is the lovely lovely soup that I made last night I know there isn't much colour to it there probably would be if I liked cooked carrots but alas I don't so I leave them out. it is Delicious and I don't have the recipe handy at the moment but I promise if anyone is interested I will post it for you just let me know. It's chicken and dumpling. I could probably just rattle off some ingredients and hope that they are correct but I couldn't just rattle off the cooking instructions cause I know I would screw those up. So there you have it soup! and it's yummy in my tummy.

good mosh pitting!

O'malley thinks he's clever. Me thinks not for I have caught him in the act

Some how O'malley thinks he can have the soup that I am making. Yeah, not so much. I suspect after all was said and done and I had gotten it out of the pot and into containers he probably went in and licked the pot clean but by that time I didn't care (as long as he didn't burn his nose off) I didn't hear any screaming coming from the kitchen so I assume that he was fine and probably happily full.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

So the Finished hat. I am very proud of myself there is only about one or two dropped stitched that aren't all that obvious. my question is....... is it too short? would it look bad if I cast onto the bottom and added like 2 or 3 rows cause seriously I think that's all it would need or should I leave well enough alone? I will leave it to a vote. because seriously I am so proud that I made this hat that I almost don't care that's it's slightly too short.

Good Mosh Pitting!

Everyone stay warm tonight (because right now it's about 37 degrees here) so I hope everyone stays warm or is atleast some place warm.


This is O'Malley, he's a pretty kitty. When he feels that I should be filling his food bowl he'll wrap himself around my leg as I am walking he thinks it's pretty funny. He's the only one of the three that is truly a rescue cat. he was wandering around my parents house and as much as they wanted to take him in they have a cat that might have beat the living snot of him because that's her house and being as small as he was it could have been really bad. He was so cute when we brought him home I felt bad he was really scared and hid behind the washer and dryer alot. My friend Angie and I actually went out and bought some wet food and cracked my parents garage door (mind you this was probably november and it was already getting cold) so we set up a heating pad with a towel on top of it with the wet food and some water and staked out in my moms van. Once we caught him I called my father in law and got him to convince Dave to let me keep him. My father in law is allergic and Dave thought if we had cats he could never come over and so far that isn't true at all he just didn't want to take care of them (even though that's my job).

This is Baby girl I originally named her twitch cause she twitched when she slept. and she's older then bones but smaller. Also the only female in the house other then me (maybe she's moody cause we're outnumbered by boys).


My Insane cats on the next three blogs. This one is bones on account of when we got him as a kitten he was so malnurished that he was nothing but skin and bones. He's a crazy boy and obviously no longer skin and bones. Actually funny story, not really funny it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Bones is the only one of my cats who was willing to put on a harness and leash and go outside in the back yard. I was scared to let them out on their own cause I don't want to find one of them splatted in the middle of the road (we lost way too many cats that way when I was a kid). Any way where was I OH right outside, back yard, Bones was having so much fun chasing leaves and a small rodent and all was fine and dandy until as we were hanging out in the back yard the dog to the left of us came out and Bones was fine with it ginger (the dog next door) is very docile bones was slightly freaked but not so much so that I couldn't calm him. Then the dogs to the right of us came outside and they are energetic dogs (I love them I do they are so much fun). Bones freaked out I mean "OMG I need to get the the highest point I can possibly find" which at the time was my head. till he gripped on then I was on the ground. It was the prom sceen from Carrie I swear. The bad part about all of this is that my husband is a video gamer (he plays WoW) and I swear he's deaf cause he has to play with the sound way up because not only does he play but he talks to the guys the plays with over Vent. He didn't hear me screaming. my neighbor from 3 doors down way outside and came sprinting down pounding on the door to get him. it sucked. I don't hold it against my husband (hopefully from now on he'll not play his game so loud that it's the only thing he can hear at least if I ever take Bones outside again) and I don't hold it against Bones either he was terrified. the funny part is that once I was finally OK enough to get inside we were walking through the utility room (it goes right into our kitchen) and there's Bones sitting under the table cleaning himself giving me that "oh did I do that? Sorry" kitty look. most painful shower EVER! if I still had pictures of the scratches I would post them but I've gotten rid of them. I am lucky that he didn't get my eyes but it hurt.

So I have to state this my husband really can't hear that well on account of his job I do know that if he heard me screaming bloody murder he would have come running. He wasn't just sitting there saying "hmmmm Julie is screaming and crying outside wonder what her problem is. Oh well I'm not going to bother checking." He would never do that. I love you Dave! I'm sorry if this post in any way hurt your feelings I know that you said not to make it into a big thing but...... well you know me I worry about hurting feelings.


Pretty, pretty bracelet that Jennifer Ryan got me. obviously only the middle part but that is the pattern all the way around. Except the metal peices around the bracelet are tear drop shaped. I know not interesting but nothing interesting happens to me in a matter of a day so there it is.

The Beginning of a hat

And the soon to be hat. Better cable right? I thought it looked better. I was going to attempt to get a shot of my cat thinking that playing with my needles while taking this picture was fun but I missed it. all you would have seen was his paw cause seriously phone pictures, I am lucky that they come out this good.

Good Mosh Pitting!

Monday, 5 November 2007


No thankfully I have not seen a flake of snow yet. The key word in that sentence is YET. they are however predicting a mix of rain and snow later tonight. I love how weather people are always "predicting" the weather, it's like they are fortune tellers or something like that. We should start dressing our wether people up like Gypsys that would be funny and more people would probably watch the weather cause it would atleast be more entertaining. OK fine be that way maybe I am the only one who thinks that is a good idea but come on it would be kind of funny. I guess I don't really have anything interesting today I went to a 5 year olds birthday party this weekend (after of course mucking out stalls and riding for the morning) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAURA! If I can get a decent picture of her I will probably end up posting it cause seriously you guys she is so beautiful perfect hair (so jelous of the hair on that kids head). And yesterday I went to a baby shower with my friend Jennifer Ryan. We were late (of course cause it was out in Twinsburg and I don't know anything about Twinsburg and neither does she). Of course it was akward cause it was like a sit down have a salad and tea formal baby shower and when we walked in they were all eatting their salads, and we got stared at (again AKWARD!) But what ever. Jennifer got me the most beautiful bracelet for my birthday (which was in September) but we don't have time to see eachother right now cause she's been in several shows and when I am at work she is at home and when she is at rehersal I am at home so we just don't seem to have good scheduling right now to hang out. I must take a picture of the bracelet and post it on the next post possibly cause taking picutures of my wrist at work probably not the best plan ever. I might be looked at as crazy. OH and the braided cable, yeah I ripped it I was very displeased with the amount of mistakes so it got ripped and started over. It makes me sad to rip something that pretty (remember I am not good at this knitting thing). And I did finish the new cable and I even figured out the whole picking up stitches along the edge (thanks to Meghan <3) so it is slowly being turned into a hat again another picutre I need to post in my next post. But I'm so proud you guys I got the braided cable and it doesn't at all look like crap.

Good Mosh Pitting!