Tuesday, 20 November 2007

More of the Boys

This is Joe or as I affectionatly call him "the hairless wonder" I love Joe I do I've been riding him since last January। He's in his twenties so he's getting up there too and with that I think he's getting grumpy. Not only do I ride him on a weekly basis or sometimes twice a week. He gets ridden by a 6 year old boy who...... well he's a beginner which is great because Joe is an easy horse to ride. But being constantly pulled on is wearing on him I think. So when I am on him it's a constant tug- of - war. The little boy who rides him doesn't know what is enough and what is too much. So Joe gets annoyed. but I love him he's a sweet boy.

This is my barn boyfriend Reno। He's a draft horse and his human mom is Kelly। She got him at a cheap price because he's too small for the amish to use but they didn't want him to go to waste so they sold him and she rides him। he's just a great big gentle giant। We love it when Reno comes to the barn. he is not a permant resident here but he has his lessons here and, when he's going to show he's here for six weeks at camp cindy" being trained daily.

And this is Jake। we love Jake he's a beautiful chestnut colour. extreamly sweet his human mom is Theresa. Jake is a permant resident at the barn we see him every week. Very friendly I havn't had a chance to actually ride him (yet) but I hope that one day I get to.

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Matty said...

they're all beautiful horses.