Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Winter Time in Cleveland

We have started decorating our window in our little back office space. Several people from the office have come back and asked where we got our decorations. The education manager bought most of them at wal-greens and tonight I am going to go to my moms house and get a centerpeice for our little table. You can't see the table in this picture but it's right under that window. Mom does an open house and sells her arrangments every winter. She really only does weddings and funerals year round. But at the holidays she makes holiday arrangments and sells them out of her house. as soon as I get that I will snap a picture of it and post that as well. I know that people that I tell are probably thinking oh it's her mom and she's just saying it great cause it's her mom but most of it is probably crap. Someone who came to her shop last week actually said that (not those exact words) more like the only reason I came was because I was sick of hearing about it and I figured that if I showed up at least once that they would shut up about it and I would be off the hook but what you have done here is fabulous. the whole house is done up (there's no place to sit) she covers the couch and puts a board across it and the chair same thing she has a spare bedroom that she has done up and she's using that now putting stuff out on the bed and benches and the floor and the kitchen table. the entire house is taken over by flowers. it's fantastic. if I think about it I'll take some pictures tonight of the shop so you all can see it.

Must go sorry my posts have not been interesting lately. Will post more horse pictures soon.

good mosh pitting

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