Monday, 24 January 2011


Is it 2011 already? wow, weird! I have absolutely nothing interesting to say, nothing has changed on the house front (not really at least) it's on the market (has been for about 7 months) and we now have a place to move into. Incidentally it's Dave's parents current house. Kind of a touchy subject for me as I am not as in love with that house as he is (also I suspect he's all over this deal cause it'll be easy we don't have to wait once our house sells to make sure the house that we are moving to sells we can just slowly move our stuff in.) however it's nice cause I know the house so I am able to walk around and picture what I want to change once we've "taken over" BWHAHAHAHA!!! Aside from that nothing, we've had three people look at our house and none are interested, the price is good and it's a cute house (for a couple starting out or an older couple) but (and I am not a realestate agent) so please don't take my word for it but, in my opinion the town we live in at the moment isn't the place to be and it's the one thing we can't really change. Maybe someone will love it there as we do but it's a hard sell, it's not very close to the city, the commute isn't bad but... it's not by any means an easy 20 minutes. it's more like 45-60 depending on traffic and weather. I'm not trying to talk down our neighborhood or house but anyone who would want to move out there would have to love it too.

Wow for not having a lot to say I sure did have a lot to say. :-)