Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lunch Time Entertainment

so have I mentioned that my sister got a new job?? I am very happy for her the issue comes where she will be gone and the other secretary will be on vacation and I will be left here by myself. I am being cross trained right now and sometimes I feel like they are trying to give me their work and passing it off as "I'm showing you how to do my job". Finally today when the other secretary came to me with mail I said to her "Haven't I already done mail?" and she promptly replied yes but there is something new in this bundle that you haven't done before. So I said great I'll do that mail the rest of it I have done if I feel the need to do the mail to refresh my memory I will let you know otherwise I have the policy and procedures on it and have done it already (in other words DON'T GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING WORK AND CALL IT TRAINING JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO DO IT!!!)

In other news I sat on the roof for my lunch today (as I usually do) and what was playing in the sky?

OK admittedly they sort of look like specks in the sky but The Angels were out to play today.

The International Air Show is this weekend and the angels fly right past our building during practices. It's pretty cool I'm not really into planes but you don't really get to see something like this every day so I sat and ate my rice and enjoyed the show and will probably do the same tomorrow.

Good Mosh Pitting

Monday, 25 August 2008

New site on my blog roll

I suggest that you all check the new site on my blog roll dude it's too funny. it was thought up by my friends husband and I think he had some help from his brother but it's funny as crap. Everyone should join in and play White Trash Bingo!! As for the Delimma it's over I've decided that my anniversary is more important then doing a show that I know nothing about and Oh yeah I got a hold of the CD at Barnes and Noble and I forgot they have that nifty thing where you can scan the barcode and hear snippits from the songs. YECH!!! I've done some corny shows but I'm not sure I can make it through this one besides it being an hour away from my home which with gas prices is definitely a factor.

Good Mosh Pitting and I expect to see you all playing white trash bingo it's fun!

Friday, 22 August 2008

Hmmmm Dilemma

no one ever calls me to be in their show and I mean no one, until yesterday one of the guys I was in Kiss Me Kate with called me yesterday and said he wanted me to be in his show Bells are Ringing I am so not familiar with this show so I looked it up and here's what I've got,
This "Sweetheart of a Musical" opens with eight girls complaining about the doldrums---they're just not getting enough telephone calls. The solution is simple announces an advertisement for Susan answer phone, a telephone answering service. Before the days of answering machines and high technology, the only choice was to hire a service to answer your phone when you weren't home.
This particular answering service is owned and run by Sue, who employs her cousin Ella to answer the phones. Ella has a deplorable tendency to get involved in customers' lives as she takes and delivers their messages. She even falls in love with one of the customers who she has never even met. In It's A Perfect Relationship Ella describes her feelings for Jeff Moss, this unknowing customer. Now, Jeff is a writer who is having trouble getting to work on his next play, and Ella is determined to help him. Whether you call it curiosity or eavesdropping, one thing's for certain, Ella's busybody personality is entertaining!
A subplot involving Sue and Sandor unravels at the same time. Sue falls in love with Sandor, who runs a company called Titanic Records. Conveniently the record company sets up a branch office in Sue's office space. The record company turns out to be a book-making concern, with an ingenious code which Sandor describes to his assistants in It's A Simple Little System. Unknown to anyone, the police are already monitoring Susans phone, suspecting that it's a front for a vice ring. Ella takes on a new identity, goes to Jeff's apartment, and convinces him to rework his new play. In the number Hello, Hello There! she teaches him about friendliness. Jeff invites Ella out for the evening, and a friend teaches her the cha-cha in the sizzling Mu-Cha-Cha dance. Eventually Jeff meets her in Central Park and explains that he has grown to love her. He takes her to a party where Ella sings Drop That Name when she finds herself at a loss for conversation. She doesn't think that she's up to Jeff's social status, and sadly slips away as she sings the great ballad The Party's Over. Jeff still doesn't know who Ella really is.
Meanwhile, Sue and Sandor plan a trip abroad, as he tries to borrow money from her to cover some racing debts. Two other answering service subscribers who Ella has also befriended coincidently meet the despondent Jeff in a nightclub. The songs in the club's floor show are written by one of the subscribers who is a musical dentist. The three men discover that Ella's good deeds have helped them all, but not one of them realizes she is the answering service girl. As the police close in on the bookies from the "record company," the three men set off to find Ella. Just as she decides to run away, she is reunited with Jeff. We have a classic happy ending.

I'm slightly skeptical because it's in Brecksville and lets face it that's isn't very close, and again NO ONE CALLS ME TO BE IN THEIR SHOWS!!!! I'm a little freaked out, the run is like 8 weeks, I don't know the music (which is why I am going to see if the library has it and check it out) But this is weird, Oh yeah and our 5 year wedding anniversary is right in the middle of the run which for me is the major dilemma because we were going to go somewhere for the weekend and have a nice relaxing time and hike some trails and I mean October is a great month for all of that. Dave says that he thinks that I should do the show and that he doesn't care if we don't go away on that exact weekend that we could just go after the run is over, besides it would be easier for him to get time off afterwards. UGH I'm torn.

Good Mosh Pitting

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Recipe and Rootinmatutu

I decided to post this recipe I've made it several times in the past few months and people rave about it. It's actaully my moms recipe and it's totally killer especially if you like almond,
Almond Puffs Preheat Oven 350


½ cup of butter
1 cup of Flour
2 T Water
Cut Butter into Flour add water and mix with fork divide in half roll into balls and flatten to 2 12x3 inch strips on an ungreased cookie sheet 3 inches apart.

½ cup butter
1 cup Water
1T Almond
1 cup Flour
3 Eggs

Heat Butter and Water to boiling. Turn off heat and quickly stir in almond and flour, until ball forms (about one minute) Remove from heat and beat in eggs one at a time. Divide in half and spread on strips.
Bake 55 minutes or until top is crispy and browned. Cool completely

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
2T Butter

Remainder of Almond Flavor (small bottle)
Beat everything together until smooth – Frost and sprinkle with sliced almonds

It's super easy I know that it looks hard since it has three layers but trust me it's so easy. I may be posting more recipes soon I have been making a few things lately and have really been enjoying it.

Oh as a side note I've been reading this blog and they use the word asshat a lot. Hilarious!

Also another side note I've decided that my new battle cry is going to be Rootinmatutu.
if you want to know you can ask it's a hilarious story that my sisters-in-law told us on our trip this weekend.

Good Mosh Pitting

More interesting developments

So you all know that a couple of months ago we moved into a new office building right? well if you missed it you can go here

I have quite figured out how to make the here into the link you'd think I could figure that out, anyway. We've been in our new space for oh about 6 months something like that. and they've been doing major construction around us the entire time forget about trying to park in the garage it's such a pain in the ass to get out at the end of the day you might as well just park in the normal spot across campus and walk it takes the same amount of time. well there have been new developments. Remember the old view from April? it's changed.

here it is now. they've poured the reflecting pools and laid some grass and planted some trees and while acutally now that there is water in the reflecting pools it doens't look so bad but........
is it me or do the rocks in the ponds look like un-baked cookies on a baking sheet? I have to say it looks better now that there is water but it still looks kind of retarded. We were wondering if they are going for that Zen garden look and I've got to say it's not making me feel very zen. maybe if I wade through the pool and meditate on one of the rocks I'll feel it but seriously un-baked cookies on a baking sheet.

Good Mosh Pitting

Monday, 18 August 2008

My weekend away

We decided to go to Windsor this weekend. I don't mean Friday when we got home from work we said hey let's go to Windsor this trip has been planned for a few weeks. We had it all planned the boys mom had gotten free tickets to go and see Tony Orlando (let me just say now no we did not go gag) however his sisters and his mom went to the show they got to meet him before the show and everything. I don't know I mean I get it Tony Orlando was a big deal in his day but I'm not so much a fan I only know maybe two of his songs and to be completely honest tie a yellow ribbon not really my idea of music. We got our own room this time which was nice we didn't have to worry about.................... well you know. We have finally been going there enough and we have a card to play with so we get offers for free rooms and free food and that makes it that much easier. We gambled slots, although I don't know how people sit there for hours I find slots boring. Roulette, Dave loves roulette he could sit there for hours if we had that much $ and we should have continued to sit at the one wheel we were hitting everything. Of course craps I love craps it's interactive and fun and there's always something going on. It's a little complicated but as long as you know the basics you are good as gold, we of course didn't win (that's why I am writing you from my desk at work) but hey we go with a certin amount and either we win or we lose, a lot of the time Dave likes to go to the roulette table before we leave put everything we have left on either red or black and if we win we win and if we lose, we lose. I'm not so much a fan of that tradition but that's what he does so whatever I'm over it. It was a good fun weekend good food, nice weather, and now we're back to reality.

Don't worry I'm working on my women's club story I'm still trying to come up with a proper title but I have gotten to work on the characters. Mind you I have changed their names because if one of them were to figure out how to enter the blog-o-sphere and they spotted this I would be in so deep.

There's The Talker- she doesn't stop talking about crap no one actually cares and she always has to be the center of attention, the second the attention is directed towards someone else she needs to create a diversion and get it all back on her, that's the only way she is happy. I haven't come up with a proper name for her yet.

The Young one- again no name yet but she's sort of the odd one out all of the other women love her for her spunk and she's fun and easy to get along with. There's also her mother another one of those characters that you just can't help but like she like's to laugh and have a good time, I think that deep down she's really happy that she's got her daughter to join it's a real bonding thing for them.

Maude- Yes I finally came up with a name and please don't be offended of your name is Maude it really is a good name but when I see her that's just what I think of. She's oh I don't know what did I say in the last post 70? soft spoken but still can have fun with the rest of the girls, has no idea what year it is apprant by her gaudy costume jewlery and bright blue eyeshadow did I mention that one eyelid is done up darker then the other. I don't think she even realizes it.

I think that's all that I have come up with so far.

Good Mosh Pitting

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy before I go. views out our window in Windsor and the Lobby.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Womens Clubs

So, I know it's been awhile I never get online anymore unless I'm at work and lets face it writing blogs at work (like I am now) not a good idea on a regular basis. But I'm getting off track, My mom had a dinner at her house for the women's club that she is in, and as to not offend anyone I'm not saying names or anything. It was awfully interesting I have been to this dinner once before, last year only at the end they put me on the spot and invited me to "join the group". HA! Seriously there is one other person in that club that is I believe younger then me, yes I said YOUNGER. the rest of them seem to be 45 and up. I get it I'm getting older but seriously, I thought I was going to go crazy, the woman who is in charge of this club is a talker and it's usually crap that no one cares about (one of the other major reasons that I don't think I could join the club I couldn't stand to listen to that woman blab on for hours about crap.) So why did I go to this dinner you ask? Especially since I am doing nothing but complaining about it, well it was at my moms house so that helps and there are always two things that you can count on when at a party at her house. The atmosphere is relaxed and the food is rockin'. I'm comfortable there (I should be it's my moms house.) And of course the weather was perfect the bugs minimal and again did I mention the food? YUM!! They also do an auction that all of the money goes to the club it's white elephant they aren't bad gifts but you can't know what you are bidding on everything is wrapped. Most of the women were simply betting on the "pretty bag" they didn't care what was in it. There are several interesting characters, of course a mother daughter team (I think there are two of those actually.) There is this one woman I she must be about 70 she wears bright blue eyeshadow one eye is always darker then the other, I swear I could write a book with all of these people in it, and it would be hilarious, I can't guarantee that it would sell because well lets face it I'm not the most clever writer ever but it would be hilarious, maybe I will start something. Possibly in the next post, it might be called women's clubs and their crazy antics? I haven't decided yet.

Until then, hopefully the next post will be more entertaining and full of colorful characters.

Good mosh Pitting.