Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Womens Clubs

So, I know it's been awhile I never get online anymore unless I'm at work and lets face it writing blogs at work (like I am now) not a good idea on a regular basis. But I'm getting off track, My mom had a dinner at her house for the women's club that she is in, and as to not offend anyone I'm not saying names or anything. It was awfully interesting I have been to this dinner once before, last year only at the end they put me on the spot and invited me to "join the group". HA! Seriously there is one other person in that club that is I believe younger then me, yes I said YOUNGER. the rest of them seem to be 45 and up. I get it I'm getting older but seriously, I thought I was going to go crazy, the woman who is in charge of this club is a talker and it's usually crap that no one cares about (one of the other major reasons that I don't think I could join the club I couldn't stand to listen to that woman blab on for hours about crap.) So why did I go to this dinner you ask? Especially since I am doing nothing but complaining about it, well it was at my moms house so that helps and there are always two things that you can count on when at a party at her house. The atmosphere is relaxed and the food is rockin'. I'm comfortable there (I should be it's my moms house.) And of course the weather was perfect the bugs minimal and again did I mention the food? YUM!! They also do an auction that all of the money goes to the club it's white elephant they aren't bad gifts but you can't know what you are bidding on everything is wrapped. Most of the women were simply betting on the "pretty bag" they didn't care what was in it. There are several interesting characters, of course a mother daughter team (I think there are two of those actually.) There is this one woman I she must be about 70 she wears bright blue eyeshadow one eye is always darker then the other, I swear I could write a book with all of these people in it, and it would be hilarious, I can't guarantee that it would sell because well lets face it I'm not the most clever writer ever but it would be hilarious, maybe I will start something. Possibly in the next post, it might be called women's clubs and their crazy antics? I haven't decided yet.

Until then, hopefully the next post will be more entertaining and full of colorful characters.

Good mosh Pitting.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - funny stuff. I feel like everyone who befriends my mom is like that - crazy, weird and always likes the booze. Dinner parties at my parents house are always blog-worthy entries!
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