Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Cleveland Guitars are back!

Wow I didn't realize that this picture was so blurry. but that's our guitar that the company sponsored. it has university circle on it the art museum is on it the A building is on it. It's kind of cool. and that's my sister. she said she didn't want to be in the picture but I didn't say anything because we were holding up traffic so I just snapped the picture and kept my mouth shut.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The View

these are some of the views from our new office space. this is back by the education group. I don't have any windows. *sad*

The pictures are not that great and right now we are looking at a lot of construction. But the skyline view from here is better then the one from the old office. where we ended up looking at a parking garage most of the time.