Monday, 31 December 2007

Trans Siberian Orchestra

So we went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra lastnight. AMAZING. They are coming out with a new CD in spring and they did a version of 'O Fortuna' from Carmina Burana This is not them doing it this is the San Francisco symphony doing it.

You'll probably know it when you hear it. It was so good. I mean for the most part I am into TSO for their Christmas music but that was so cool I am definitely picking up the album when it comes out.

We left there not hearing much. and seeing it at the Q as opposed to the small venue we saw them in last year in Akron The Q is much better. more room for more pyrotechnics. and lasers. It was pretty freaking awesome.

Good Mosh Pitting!

Friday, 28 December 2007


SO I've decided that certin magicians (I am not going to name any names because there is a picture in the link) must think that the american public is dumb as a box of rocks. I recieved an email today and it was one of those pick a card keep it in your mind and the next frame that you are shown "magically" your card is gone! Ohhhh...... Ahhhhhh...... Except NOT!!!

There's the link. Can you figure it out. I mean seriously stupidity is my middle name but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Other then that how was everyones holiday? I know it's not over yet but I hope that it is going well for everyone.

Or should I start signing XOXO??

naw, I admit I Heart gossip girl but I'm not gossipy enough to do that.

good mosh pitting!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunhams new act with Achmed the Dead Terrorist। He sings his own version of jingle bells. Warning if you are easily offended don't watch this. (there I warned everyone it's not my fault if someone is offended cause they watched it).

Achmed sings Jingle Bombs

Monday, 17 December 2007

My Butt on a horse

Sorry till I get a picture of myself that I actually like you don't get to see me. (and trust me I don't like pictures of myself too much). So that's my butt on Joe. And Lauren next to me on Jake.

End Result of The Cookies

So it is apparent that these are not cookie pictures. Well they are cookie pictures but this is not the baking process. this is the end result. You aren't even seeing all of them head on. Anyone out there have a portable dish washer? the whole top of our portable dishwasher is covered in cookies in containers and in bags if we ran out of room in the containers. It is seriously ridiculous. When I am not at work and have more time to analyze pictures and recipes I will post cookies in the making and recipes (I am re-making one that we made in the first round and I am making meringue cookies and my moms fudge.) So I will be sure to take pictures of those as well.

The Dogs

Alright I know I promised more horse pictures but I realized that the two pictures that I have are borders that I don't know that well and I should probably get their permission before putting pictures of their horses out there for all to see. so I need to take pictures of just the horses that belong to my aunt from now on. Instead I bring you doggie pictures.

This is Holly। She's been around for a very long time। and unfortunatly she's going deaf। A lot of the time we have kids at the barn for lessons and they don't realize that she's deaf and the come up behind her to pet her and she jumps. She loves to go out into the woods and run crazy. it's hard with the deaf thing cause if she runs off by herself we can't get her back by calling her. She's never actually run off and not come back so we are not that worried. She's very loyal and sweet.

And Bailey is the younger of the two. She'll run with you and not care and she'll roll over so the closest person will bend down and scratch her belly. She'll try and round up the horses when they are outside. And if you pull up the driveway and she's already outside she'll chase your car and try to get into it when you open the door. All you have to do with her when you let her out of the barn in the morning is yell BAILEY GET THE DUCKS!!! and she's off. (Grandpa has a small pond where there are usually a few ducks) she goes running and looks at the pond with her ears up trying to find the ducks then she runs around the pond searching and comes back to you and looks at you with that "I couldn't find the ducks" look. Also very loyal and sweet. she always wants to be pet and cookies is a word that you don't say around her. The only unfortunate thing about Bailey is that you need to give her time to get used to you. if she doesn't know you she snaps at people. Small ill behaved children especially.

Good Mosh Pitting!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Sad day in the world

So the day started out with "ewwwww it's slushing out this weather is gross!!" followed by getting ready for work and driving the long drive in to work. as I am sitting at my desk I get a text from a friend that says my sister was in a car accident lastnight and life flighted to the hospital. wow I couldn't believe it. Times like that, that makes me scared that I have to drive so far for work and I am scared for my husband too cause he drives all the time. That first text came at about 8:30 am. then the second text came in at 10:30 am and she had died. my heart sank I immediatly tried adopting the "no crying at the front desk" policy, which quickly turned into the "will someone watch the phone for me for five minutes I need to go clear my head" (aka cry in the stairwell) policy. I called her mother who I don't think is thinking straight right now and her younger brother who is crushed. I know that we all think that we are invincible and most of the time I think that I am invincible but when I got that news it knocked me back into reality and I cried. It's also sad because now her daughter is going to grow up never knowing her own mother. She was so young I mean like 22 and her daughter I think is seven months old. (added on 12/17/2007) I found this blog that has most of the story and pictures of the after math. I found out yesterday at Toni's wake that the guy who hit her went braindead in the hospital and he has died as well.
So yes I promise I will make the next couple of posts happier and filled with cookie baking and cats under christmas trees and horses. But I felt that I needed to state how sad I am about her famlies loss and hope that they all heal soon. her daughter will be her living memory for the rest of time.

(The Following segment added on 12/20/2007)
OK so you do get a picture of me sort of. but we're not focusing on me we're focusing on Addey. isn't she cute?? She seems to think that my thumb is her dinner. she's a strong little sucker too. Just like her mom was.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I'm Brynne and I'm a...

Has anyone seen the World of Warcraft commercial with Mr. T? I'm dying. possibly it's only funny to me and my husband cause we both play but it's HILARIOUS!!

Friday, 7 December 2007


I'm totally baking cookies this weekend so you all have something to look forward to. aren't you proud of me. personally I think I might go alittle overboard. I have 8 or 9?? recipes and my husband is freaking out about something called black bottoms that he's begging me to make. it's going to be a team effort. There's no way I am making all of this by myself but on the upside I will be sure to post pictures and recipes (as long as I have time) and yes I promise more Horse pictures this weekend (I am going to see them tomorrow morning)

Good Mosh Pitting!!

Everyone have a great weekend

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Winter Time in Cleveland

We have started decorating our window in our little back office space. Several people from the office have come back and asked where we got our decorations. The education manager bought most of them at wal-greens and tonight I am going to go to my moms house and get a centerpeice for our little table. You can't see the table in this picture but it's right under that window. Mom does an open house and sells her arrangments every winter. She really only does weddings and funerals year round. But at the holidays she makes holiday arrangments and sells them out of her house. as soon as I get that I will snap a picture of it and post that as well. I know that people that I tell are probably thinking oh it's her mom and she's just saying it great cause it's her mom but most of it is probably crap. Someone who came to her shop last week actually said that (not those exact words) more like the only reason I came was because I was sick of hearing about it and I figured that if I showed up at least once that they would shut up about it and I would be off the hook but what you have done here is fabulous. the whole house is done up (there's no place to sit) she covers the couch and puts a board across it and the chair same thing she has a spare bedroom that she has done up and she's using that now putting stuff out on the bed and benches and the floor and the kitchen table. the entire house is taken over by flowers. it's fantastic. if I think about it I'll take some pictures tonight of the shop so you all can see it.

Must go sorry my posts have not been interesting lately. Will post more horse pictures soon.

good mosh pitting