Friday, 28 December 2007


SO I've decided that certin magicians (I am not going to name any names because there is a picture in the link) must think that the american public is dumb as a box of rocks. I recieved an email today and it was one of those pick a card keep it in your mind and the next frame that you are shown "magically" your card is gone! Ohhhh...... Ahhhhhh...... Except NOT!!!

There's the link. Can you figure it out. I mean seriously stupidity is my middle name but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Other then that how was everyones holiday? I know it's not over yet but I hope that it is going well for everyone.

Or should I start signing XOXO??

naw, I admit I Heart gossip girl but I'm not gossipy enough to do that.

good mosh pitting!


coastergirl said...

ok - after doing it 3 times, I figured it out - none of the cards shown at the top are in the set shown later....all of them are different....that is how it works. Try it again....

Brynne said...

I know. I figured it out after my education director sent it to me at work on Friday. it just makes me crazy. It's like people think that the American public is comprised of complete morons. I just think that it's funny that people fall for it. when she sent it to me she said that she had tried it three times and it worked every time so I sat down and wrote out all of the cards and called her and she sort of gave me that "DOH!" look and said well now I feel stupid.

I just thought it was funny.