Monday, 24 March 2008

New space

OK so apprantly I only forgot one picture. and the picture makes it look really small. but it's much bigger then the other cubes. also not so enclosed. which I am so alright with. that would make me clausterphobic. (sp?)

Our new space

Did I forget to mention that we were moving? The office officially moved. Moving day was last Thrusday. We had to have everything packed and the movers came at about 8:00 and moved all of our stuff from one end of campus to the other. the space is big. (the cubes are not) but because I am up front at the receptionist desk I have a great space. the rest of my department is jelous of my space. These are not all of the pictures that I took but I hit send too quickly so I will post more pictures after this.

Friday, 14 March 2008

It's all Tinks Fault

Yes I adore Tink and I heart her blog and the Weekly Word Challenge (which I have totally been slacking on lately) but I'm blaming Tink for getting me addidcted to Etsy.

I found and bought That!! it's pretty yes I admit I have an afinity to leather (now, now it's not dirty) and a major afinity to anything celtic. wish I would have seen it earlier so I could have it for St. Patricks day not that I don't have enough leater cuffs (dirty). But yes Tink I am totally blaming you for exposing me to Etsy. I had never been on that site before and now I am always on it.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Let it Snow

This is what the weekend looked like at our house! Fun huh? if you live in Ohio you know what I am talking about and you've seen scenes like this and worse over the weekend depending on where you live. but this is what it looked like at my house on Saturday when we finally went out to dig out. We still didn't go anywhere there was no point. it would have been faster to walk to the drug store and if we were that desperate we probably would have but the wind was horrible.

So yes that was the fun snowy weekend. Didn't do a thing oh except I finished a hat. which I will post in a few after I can get some pictures of it acutally done and on.

This is Dave and his minions shoveling our driveway. It's a good thing he has a friend that lives literally down the street and they all happenend to be out shoveling at the same time.

That's my car......... Ummm yeah. like I said good thing I didn't have to go anywhere. Note behind my car is the street, that hasn't been plowed. They finally came down with a plow at about 9:30 at night.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

He Made a Friend

Need I say More??

I am so thrilled that he has made a friend. Bones is being so good with him. They run and play and Bones cleans him and they lounge together a little bit as well.

Monday, 3 March 2008


Alright so I have got to post this. it's amazing.

What did you do this weekend

Well other then the new kitten (pictured in the blog below) Dave and I went to see Wicked. I had forgotten how incredible that show is. I had seen it when the came through Cleveland the first time with my mom. We were sure that we wern't going to get tickets and as far as I knew we didn't and then she called me and said what are you doing Sunday? and of course I was working I packed some clothes and she picked me up after work and we went. we had a side box on the floor. It was AMAZING!

This time around Dave had gotten me tickets for Christmas so we went together this past Friday. His only complaint is that next time he decides to get tickets for something he's going to research it a little more and buy tickets the second they go on sale. we were in the balcony but we were up which the view was spectacular but he's really tall, he couldn't sit comfortably. luckly we sat in our seats and there was an empty seat next to him, unfortunatly that person showed up we however were lucky enough that they were kind enough to let us move down and he could have my seat. I did feel a little bad his wife was in the row behind us and had we not moved down he would have been right in front of her but if we had not moved he and Dave would have been very uncomfortable and it would have been extreamly akward. Dave couldn't close his knees together. he was so squished. That however was his only complaint. He gave the show two thumbs up or as he put it "it was alright I guess" which from him is extreamly high praise.

New addidtion

How cute is he? Yeah he's really freaking cute. His other new siblings are not quite as thrilled as we are but we sort of expected that. acutally we expected it out of our female not our two boys though. they're slowly getting used to him for for now he gets his own room to sleep in and when we are not home so the other cats aren't beating on him. We worry cause he's still so little that they might get him good. so everything is supervised right now. Does that seem stupid?