Monday, 10 March 2008

Let it Snow

This is what the weekend looked like at our house! Fun huh? if you live in Ohio you know what I am talking about and you've seen scenes like this and worse over the weekend depending on where you live. but this is what it looked like at my house on Saturday when we finally went out to dig out. We still didn't go anywhere there was no point. it would have been faster to walk to the drug store and if we were that desperate we probably would have but the wind was horrible.

So yes that was the fun snowy weekend. Didn't do a thing oh except I finished a hat. which I will post in a few after I can get some pictures of it acutally done and on.

This is Dave and his minions shoveling our driveway. It's a good thing he has a friend that lives literally down the street and they all happenend to be out shoveling at the same time.

That's my car......... Ummm yeah. like I said good thing I didn't have to go anywhere. Note behind my car is the street, that hasn't been plowed. They finally came down with a plow at about 9:30 at night.

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Spud said...

Wow that is crazy. In Adelaide, Australia we are in the middle of the longest heat streak in mark for ever. This is the 11th day over 35 degrees Celsius and its not going to cool down until next Wednesday. It was 42 today!!!