Wednesday, 25 February 2009

People are Stupid

I made a trip to the local DQ last night, I know it's awfully cold for ice cream (or an ice cream like impostor cause lets face it DQ, not actually ice cream but it's close and fast.) On the drive thru window (cause I'm too lazy to get out of the car and go in) there was this sign.

Possibly you can't read it, it is at a funny angle and was taken from my car.

The sign reads as follows.




This made me laugh a bit so I questioned it cause (for once) I got an adult at the window as opposed to the irresponsible snotty teenagers that usually work there. No guarantee he is a "responsible" adult but an adult none the less. So (as I said) I questioned it and his response was that customers were actually blaming the DQ workers for the fact that they were getting snow in their car while waiting for their food. Because I don't know IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!! The sheer stupidity of people shocks me. You're getting snowed on in your car cause your window is open, there is nothing that the employees at DQ can do for you unless you expect them to hold a canopy over your car while you wait. I should not have said that people are going to think that would be proper. And by the way it wouldn't be.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hee, Hee!!

Don't worry I'm not talking about Sean Penn (yes Adam I'm looking at you)
First of all........... I have another loyal follower!! Woo-Hoo! that totally makes me cool right? Right? Oh never mind I don't care if I'm not cool. What am I talking about yes I do!!

I'm going to start a debate. Well probably not because some people don't care that much and to be honest I think the Ledger's are allowed to do whatever they want.
Here is how I see it.
It should not be up to the general public to say that they should have mentioned the disease that killed him when accepting the award on his behalf, I'm sure that they have spoken out on the proper stage in the proper settings. An award show is not that stage, and not the right setting.

Also people are criticizing them for going to the after parties and whooping it up. Really?? Because their son died they're not allowed to have fun?? ever? They're not allowed to celebrate his achievements and his life's work??

Another thing, and I'm not sure how I feel about this one. On one hand they did do a lot to honour him and his life through-out the award show but he wasn't mentioned in the in Memorandum part. Seems odd but did they leave him out because he was mentioned so much in other parts of the show?? Did they leave him out cause he won an award? I have to admit I didn't catch all of the "ceremony" so I don't know weather or not some of the other dearly departed also had awards accepted on their behalf by family. But that would be the logical reason for me is that he's been honoured by receiving an award and all of the other honourable mention.

So what is your take on all of this? I want to know.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Bitter-ness, Silly-ness, Kittens and Travis the Chimp

Wow!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!
I was just reading my posts from yesterday and they are seriously making me laugh uncontrollably at my self and my bitter-ness. Holy shit. (and breath don't forget to breath.)

In other news my friend Meghan just called me and she got new kittens (squee Kittens!!!) I love kittens. See what I meant about the rainbows and sunshine? It's back baby!!!

There really is nothing to report on today no-one is seriously pissing me off which I know, is too bad because when people piss me off, lets face it that's entertaining for everyone. I just wanted to say how hilarious I was yesterday and thank you for commenting and supporting the crazy lady ranting on about some not so serious and mostly insane shit.

Just call me Mr. Silly!!! OK Mrs. Silly I couldn't find a picture of a Mrs. Silly get off my back.

OH I do have news you know the Travis the chimp lady?? the one who he attacked, we have her here at the Clinic and I hope that they can help her and save her and I am so sad for her. Yes I am even sad (a little bit) for the owner I mean yes using him to replace her dead child and her dead husband not really normal behaviour and possibly a little mental. But knowing that she had to see her dear pet turn into a complete savage and then to see him killed. It's sad and I don't know how she sat there and watched that I would be hiding behind a seat or something I could not have watched that it would be frightening. So I hope that they are able to help her and I hope that she is able to live a normal life very soon.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Potty Mouth

When did I turn into a potty mouth sailor?? I'm not apologizing, so don't even think that I am cause if that's what you are looking for you're not going to get it. I'm just wondering when did that happen?? this blog used to be all rainbows and sunshine, Well not exactly but you know what I mean.
But now it's all Bitches, Assholes (you will notice no asterisk) and Fuckers.
When did that happen?? What has gone on here that I am so bitter and hateful?? Oh yes female hormones. Don't get any ideas I'm not pregnant and if I were I would make sure my husband were the first to know and not my 2 (correction 3) loyal followers of my mediocre blog.

But I have definitely turned into a potty mouth can someone explain this to me?

Question for all you parents

In particular Dad's.
Who in their right mind comes into work claiming to be wearing their super dad cape after their child throws up in the car, they turn around to get the child cleaned up and still take them to daycare cause "well she looked fine"?


Rev. Fred Phelps WOW!! What an A**Hole

Remember him?? Yeah you know the asshole who protested at soldiers funerals and believes that the military deaths in the war are "god's punishment" because the United States tolerates homosexuals.
I am sick of being afraid of offending some one so if you are about to be offended I don't care you don't have to read this blog if I am offending you.
Well now he's been barred from entering the UK. Which if you ask me is AWESOME!
He was going over there to protest a play about the murder of Matthew Shepard and he says that God Hates the Queen Mary's College, and the fag-infested UK, England and all having to do the spreading sodomite lies via the Laramie Project , this tacky bit of cheap fag propaganda masquerading as legitimate theater.

Seriously?? Last I checked God teaches us to love everyone unconditionally (and if you are reading this and think you are going to flood my comment with homosexual hate comments you've got another thing coming I moderate mother fuckers.)

I think that Rev. Fred Phelps should be shipped off to Antarctica with his entire church and be left to die. That may be a bit harsh but seriously these are the people that give the entire Christian population a bad name. You do not have to love gay people, but do not spew hate talk about them because you don't agree with their lifestyle.
unless you are in a gay friendly place (and if you are in a gay friendly place you don't have any right to hate) Most of them do not flaunt their relationships so openly in public (mainly because they don't want to offend anyone) there are the few that don't care and feel that they should be treated as any regular couple and I absolutely agree, they are a regular couple and if you don't like it you don't have to look.
No-one is pushing this lifestyle on Rev. Phelps I wonder if he's all against the gay life style cause he's in the closet or something. He has to hate it cause if he hates it, it won't "take him over"

GAH!!!! I am in a mood today so you all better look out! I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday and I can use the weekend to wind down and chill.

Here is the article on the UK baring Rev. Phelps just so you can see exactly what I am talking about just in case you've been living under a rock.

Article Provided by MSNBC.

LONDON - An anti-gay U.S. Christian preacher and his daughter have been barred from entering Britain as they could spread "extremism and hatred," the British government said Thursday.
The Rev. Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, had been due in Britain to protest at a play about the murder of a gay man.
But British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she had decided to prevent Phelps and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper from entering the country.
"Both these individuals have engaged in unacceptable behavior by inciting hatred against a number of communities," a Home Office spokeswoman said.
"We will continue to stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country."
Phelps believes the United States is doomed for tolerating homosexuals and that military deaths in conflicts such as Iraq are god's punishment. He organizes regular protests at events around the country. His church achieved notoriety for picketing the funerals of U.S. servicemen.
Church plans protestOn its Web site, the church said it planned to picket a performance of "The Laramie Project" on Friday at Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke, southwest of London.
The play recounts the death of gay university student Matthew Shepard, who was killed in Laramie, Wyoming, in October 1998. Phelps and members of his church, mainly made up of his extended family, staged a protest at Shepard's funeral.
"God hates the Queen Mary's College, and the fag-infested UK, England, and all having to do with spreading sodomite lies via The Laramie Project, this tacky bit of cheap fag propaganda masquerading as legitimate theater," the church's web site said.
British campaigner Peter Tatchell, founder of gay rights group Outrage!, said Phelps and his family should not be banned.
"With their extremist views, they discredit themselves and also bring great shame to the Christian religion," he said.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

This is acutally sort of clever

And I would totally go if I lived in London.

That sinking feeling: Audience are treated to Titanic experience as movie is screened in a swimming pool

A swimming pool was transformed into the Atlantic Ocean yesterday as moviegoers were transported back to the high seas of 1912 for a special screening of the movie Titanic.
The audience, dressed in Victorian costumes, watched the film from lifeboats during the unique High Definition screening to celebrate the 2009 Oscar season.
Organisers went all out to create the scene at the event inside the Golden Lane Leisure Centre in Central London and even filled the swimming pool with icebergs.

Presenter Alex Zane was part of the action as the fateful maiden voyage of RMS Titanic was recreated during a special High Definition screening in central London

The audience dressed in Victorian costumes and watched the action from lifeboats
'This is going to be a Titanic screening like no other!’ Richard Jakeman, head of sponsors Sky said before the event.
'Combining the excitement and intensity of watching movies in High Definition with the unique swimming pool setting should have film fans feeling like they are actually taking part in the film.'
'It's the perfect way to get into the Oscar season spirit ahead of the 81st Annual Academy Awards ceremony.'

Organisers even filled the swimming pool with 'icebergs'
The 1997 movie Titanic directed by James Cameron remains the top money-making film of all time, with $1.8 billion in world-wide ticket sales.
It launched the careers of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio who starred as doomed lovers Jack and Rose.
The movie won 11 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Director for and had the best-selling movie soundtrack of all time.

I mean I admit the hype of Titanic the movie was a bit much and I sort of got sick of it after the millionth time seeing it or hearing about it but watching it in a pool from a life boat surrounded by "icebergs" and fog? that would be pretty cool.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


As I wait for 5 o'clock (6 more minutes) I ponder the thought of Jerry Springer as the famous Billy Flynn. Yes ladies and gentlemen Jerry Springer is the singing and dancing type. I some how never knew this. I don't know how I could have I never really followed the "career" of Jerry Springer. (5 minutes)

Apparently he's playing this part at the Cambridge Theatre in London.

(4 minutes)

And I think it sort of worries me, I mean have you seen the smut that he brings on television? I know it's funny and sort of entertaining but, (3 minutes) I don't know I just am not sure if I could take him seriously as an actor.

I know that the part of Billy Flynn isn't all that serious it's fun and campy (and I wouldn't want to be the girl playing Roxy in the scene where she is a puppet)

(2 minutes)

Cause sitting on Jerry Springers lap, GROSS!! I sort of pegged him as a pervert to be completely honest (1 minute) and maybe he's not but I don't know how do you host a show like that and be normal??

5:00 WOO-HOO!!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Alien Life!!

I am thoroughly convinced that several of these "aliens" work in my office and are not very good at hiding their "Alien" Heritage.

Alien life may be all around us (or even in us), says professor
By Fiona MacraeLast updated at 5:22 PM on 16th February 2009

Forget little green men on Mars - aliens could be right here on Earth, a leading scientist has claimed.
Cosmologist Paul Davies said it was 'entirely reasonable' to believe that we share the planet with a form of life different to anything we know of.
This 'life, but not as we know it' might be lurking in poisonous lakes or deep under the sea or could even be inside our bodies.
Professor Davies said: 'It could be right under our noses, or even in our noses. It could even be that "weird life" and real life are intermingled.'

Film fiction in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind': But real aliens could be too small to see, Professor Paul Davies says
Calling on scientists to launch a 'mission to Earth', he said it was possible that life had evolved more than once, meaning we are not alone on our planet.
He said: 'Life as we know it appears to have had a single common ancestor, yet could life on Earth have started many times.'
'Might it exist today in extreme environments and remain undetected because our techniques are customised to the biochemistry of known life?
'If someone discovers shadow life or weird life, it will be the biggest sensation in biology since Darwin. We are simply saying "Why not let's just look for it?"
'It doesn't cost much compared with looking for weird life on Mars.'
Professor Davies, of Arizona State University, said any aliens that do exist on Earth will be too small for the naked eye to see.
Their unusual biochemistry could allow them to thrive in arsenic-rich lakes or in blistering hot vents underneath the ocean.
There is even a theory that alien particles, a tenth the size of bacteria, live inside our bodies and trigger the formation of kidney stones, the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual conference in Chicago heard.

A view of Mars from the Hubble Telescope. But alien life could be closer to home
The British-born professor said: 'Although such claims remain controversial, it is conceivable that at least some of these Lilliputian forms are alien organisms employing a radically alternative biochemistry.
'Even if alternative life does not exist now, it might have flourished in the distant past before dying out for some reason.
'In that case, scientists might still be able to find markers of their distinct biology in the geological record.
'If alternative life had a distinctly different metabolism, say, it might have altered rocks or created mineral deposits in a way that cannot be explained by the activities of known organisms.'
Even some of the bacteria that scientists find difficult to grow and work with might be weird life with an alien biochemistry, the Chicago conference heard.
The professor said that if life is proved to have evolved more than once on Earth, it would vastly boost the case for there being life on other planets.
He said: 'As more terrestrial environments are explored, it seems very likely that new and ever more exotic forms of life will be discovered.
'If this search were to uncover evidence for a second genesis, it would strongly support the theory that life is a cosmic phenomenon and lend credence to the belief that we are not alone in the universe.'
Jill Tarter of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence project, said: 'It is really important to engage people in thinking about astrobiology and life as we don't know it on Earth.
'As we do so, it expands our perspective, it changes our point of view and it trivialises the differences between humans.
'If we can get the world to think about life in a different way, all humans as being one species, I think we can do a lot to change the world.'

General Consensus

There seems to be a general consensus that people suck. I know nothing of what went on in the world yesterday because quite frankly I avoided all outside contact. I bundled up on my couch, slowly did laundry (all of the bedding smells fresh and pretty I love that smell.) and read a book most of the day (twilight) I know I've given in to the hype but it really is a good story. Possibly I have the same demeanour that a 15 year old girl has which is EEEEEE pretty boys!!! and my reading level probably isn't much higher then that of a 15 year old girl either. So what?
So of the shitty people yesterday I cannot give you any insight. Today however, there are those lovely people who are just too good to talk to the girl manning the front desk, obviously speaking to me is "beneath" them.
A simple hello I don't even insist on telling me where they are going or who they are meeting just a good morning, good afternoon?? No not even a fuck off!!!!

Now the people that work on my floor (most of them at least) are lovely always saying hello, how are you, I'm fine thank you, how was your weekend, yes mine was too short as well.
I say most of the people on my floor are lovely cause (as with everything) we definitely have our........... How do I put this without being a complete bitch? Characters, the ones who also think they are better then you, the head cases who think everyone is out to get them, and still what amazes me is that some of the nicest people on our floor are upper management. I think several of the suits around here need to take lessons from these men, they are polite and engage in small talk and even sometimes I feel, humor me in allowing me to prattle on about stupid non-important crap and they always leave smiling saying something clever, but never mean or vindictive (they save that for the privacy of their own cube.) So yes people SUCK and I just want to knock some heads together!
Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Ode to the Letter F

I was given this challenge from my friend Adam (on my blog roll he's Adam throws quarters.)

Name 10 things that I like that start with the Letter F.

If you want to play along, just comment and say that you want to play. I promise I won't give out any crappy letters (paying it forward you know since Adam, or his dog Freckles rather decided not to stick me with a crappy letter) BTW thank you for that F will be easy?? fun!!

Ten Things I like about the Letter F

Fruit Smoothies

Foggy Day in London

Fall Foliage



Fast Cars





BTW you know how hard it is to find non dirty pictures to describe this word?)

This is being added after getting a comment from Adam (since apprantly he doesn't know how to use his imagination or he just wanted me to say Fuck an expedential amount of times)

And that usually leads to my last favorite F word and you are certainly not getting a picture of

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!!

But since I am not actually giving a picture of my last choice I will come up with a bonus word.


There I did it I like the letter F So there. Want to play?? write a comment!

Good Mosh Pitting

Friday, 6 February 2009


It makes me so sad that so often the pretty ones end up being complete assholes.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New Hair

I wish I could say that I look like Katie Holmes now that I have gotten my hair cut (in this style)

I unfortunately am not quite that pretty. so here's the picture of the hair cut that I gave my hairstylist. and she hit it on the head. it's actually perfect.

this is what it looks like on me, not as sexy, I suppose if I were really trying and not taking the picture my self it may have looked better but I'm no good at sexy or pretty or smiling for that matter.

It work though right?? I really like it!

Good Mosh Pitting!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009