Thursday, 19 February 2009

Question for all you parents

In particular Dad's.
Who in their right mind comes into work claiming to be wearing their super dad cape after their child throws up in the car, they turn around to get the child cleaned up and still take them to daycare cause "well she looked fine"?



Adam said...

yet another douche bag shit head for the day!

audrey had puked in the back of a car. i turned around gave her a bag. i then promptly called into work and got the day off work.

child + vomiting = free day off work.

i hope you don't work in the accounting office!

Julie said...

I love it when people agree with me. No accounting thankfully and I'm glad that I don't sit back with the bulk of the people in this office cause I'm sure he's sick too and is infecting the people around him.
There was only one woman that questioned why he still took her to daycare the rest of them just marvled at the "super dad-esq attitude" that he seems to think he posesses