Thursday, 19 February 2009

Potty Mouth

When did I turn into a potty mouth sailor?? I'm not apologizing, so don't even think that I am cause if that's what you are looking for you're not going to get it. I'm just wondering when did that happen?? this blog used to be all rainbows and sunshine, Well not exactly but you know what I mean.
But now it's all Bitches, Assholes (you will notice no asterisk) and Fuckers.
When did that happen?? What has gone on here that I am so bitter and hateful?? Oh yes female hormones. Don't get any ideas I'm not pregnant and if I were I would make sure my husband were the first to know and not my 2 (correction 3) loyal followers of my mediocre blog.

But I have definitely turned into a potty mouth can someone explain this to me?


Tink said...

Eh, there's nothing wrong with that kind of language. It's just more COLORFUL language. ;)

Adam said...

fuck that shit?
you got a potty mouth because your internal thesaurus told you, you know what? there is no other word that fits here. so fuck or shit or bitch.

it's ok. i forgive you. next time use the work fuck in a title!

Julie said...

Yay My two Loyal Readers!!! You guys (and girls) ROCK!!

Adam said...

according to your follower list, you have 3 followers, but i guess we are the loyal ones huh?

Julie said...

this is true but I am a bit concerned for Phil he hasn't posted lately and he live in Australia I hope he hasn't been swept up in the wild fires.

And yes you are the loyal ones. (damn it)
At least I'm making myself laugh now.