Friday, 20 February 2009

Bitter-ness, Silly-ness, Kittens and Travis the Chimp

Wow!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!
I was just reading my posts from yesterday and they are seriously making me laugh uncontrollably at my self and my bitter-ness. Holy shit. (and breath don't forget to breath.)

In other news my friend Meghan just called me and she got new kittens (squee Kittens!!!) I love kittens. See what I meant about the rainbows and sunshine? It's back baby!!!

There really is nothing to report on today no-one is seriously pissing me off which I know, is too bad because when people piss me off, lets face it that's entertaining for everyone. I just wanted to say how hilarious I was yesterday and thank you for commenting and supporting the crazy lady ranting on about some not so serious and mostly insane shit.

Just call me Mr. Silly!!! OK Mrs. Silly I couldn't find a picture of a Mrs. Silly get off my back.

OH I do have news you know the Travis the chimp lady?? the one who he attacked, we have her here at the Clinic and I hope that they can help her and save her and I am so sad for her. Yes I am even sad (a little bit) for the owner I mean yes using him to replace her dead child and her dead husband not really normal behaviour and possibly a little mental. But knowing that she had to see her dear pet turn into a complete savage and then to see him killed. It's sad and I don't know how she sat there and watched that I would be hiding behind a seat or something I could not have watched that it would be frightening. So I hope that they are able to help her and I hope that she is able to live a normal life very soon.


Adam said...

i was there when they killed the was a deer slug to the brain. i thought i saw the dude's from sakkio japan there looking for quality ingredients.

Julie said...

EEEWWWW!!!!! I'm never going to be able to eat Sakkio's ever, ever again!!!!! And some how I can't control my laughter today. it must be conter-acting yesterdays mood.

Tink said...

The whole chimp situation is sad no matter what angle or side you look at it from. Just further confirmation that animals like these should not be legal to have as pets. :(

Julie said...

I agree Tink, I don't care if they have (had) an exoctic animal license (or whatever it is you need to have an animal like that as a pet) They should not be pets.