Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hee, Hee!!

Don't worry I'm not talking about Sean Penn (yes Adam I'm looking at you)
First of all........... I have another loyal follower!! Woo-Hoo! that totally makes me cool right? Right? Oh never mind I don't care if I'm not cool. What am I talking about yes I do!!

I'm going to start a debate. Well probably not because some people don't care that much and to be honest I think the Ledger's are allowed to do whatever they want.
Here is how I see it.
It should not be up to the general public to say that they should have mentioned the disease that killed him when accepting the award on his behalf, I'm sure that they have spoken out on the proper stage in the proper settings. An award show is not that stage, and not the right setting.

Also people are criticizing them for going to the after parties and whooping it up. Really?? Because their son died they're not allowed to have fun?? ever? They're not allowed to celebrate his achievements and his life's work??

Another thing, and I'm not sure how I feel about this one. On one hand they did do a lot to honour him and his life through-out the award show but he wasn't mentioned in the in Memorandum part. Seems odd but did they leave him out because he was mentioned so much in other parts of the show?? Did they leave him out cause he won an award? I have to admit I didn't catch all of the "ceremony" so I don't know weather or not some of the other dearly departed also had awards accepted on their behalf by family. But that would be the logical reason for me is that he's been honoured by receiving an award and all of the other honourable mention.

So what is your take on all of this? I want to know.

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