Thursday, 19 March 2009

Things that I've seen

So I clearly have nothing interesting to say right now but I have some pictures that are kind of fun and I'm just going to post (cause I can damn it)

Yes fine if you "breed" welsh corgis you know that the whole long haired thing is "BAD" and this obviously isn't the exact one that I was greeted by but there is now a therapy dog at the clinic he's about 18 months or something so he's still very full of energy and he's a long haired corgi. He's so cute and all I could think is how much Justin would have loved him.

It was recently Barbie's 50th birthday and this picture is courtesy of Cake Wrecks.

DUDE THAT'S A CAKE!? I know coolest thing ever right, I've never been much of a barbie girl (I was more into my little ponies) but I think I would have like to have seen this one assembled it's so cool.

And lastly I saw this while I was walking around on St Patricks Day, I was a little disappointed in myself I should have gone to the parade it was a perfect day and I was off and I should have gone except I had no-one to go with and I wasn't about to go downtown by myself. so Instead I shopped and got some errands done (fun errands :-P) and I saw this

Appropriate no? now for those of you who don't know what Slainte means (shame on you) just kidding I can't expect everyone to be as cool as me. Slainte is Gaelic for Cheers and on St Pat's day it's just seemed all too appropriate.

Oh and there's this picture just cause I like it.

I want a GYPSY SOOOOOO BAD!!! I totally sound like a child right now but they are so pretty. Between the million o's and the "totally" I'm "like" a little kid who just wants a pony!!

Later Peeps

Sad Day

I don't really have any words cause really when a celebrity of Natasha Richardson's caliber dies what does one say? That and well, obviously I would have never known her so I'd just like to express how sad I am for her family. The movies and shows that I've seen her in she was always so extraordinary and wonderful. I'm sure that she will be missed by all who knew her and this is truly a sad day.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


So here's what I don't get, I just read this article on MSNBC.

From what I can see in this article governments (both US and Mexico) seem to have a firm grasp on the drug trafficking and what goes on. What I don't understand is that if they have such a grip on what's going on why can't they stop it? The violence, the kidnappings the be headings (yep they found 5 human heads in 5 ice chests on the side of the road in Mexico and they are pinning drugs as the cause) I think they mentioned that one of the heads is a person that is known in the community even. So if they can stop the violence and the kidnappings and be headings why aren't they?? Is it possible that the governments are in on all of this and are getting a cut of what's going on? I know that the article says that some of the "ingredients" were obtained legally but the stuff that's clearly illegal what about that?? How is that slipping through the cracks?
Just something I thought about as I was reading that, I know that I am not the smartest person in the world (hell I'm not even the smartest person in my office) but.................................. UGH I just don't understand.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Cell Phone Woes Part 2.

I figured out what the problem was with my phone, (all by myself) not really Dave suggested it. I deleted his contact info and re-entered it and it worked perfectly. I still need to do the software upgrade. Translation Adam needs to do the software upgrade cause that's right I'm still a techno moron.

Also this day in history March 9, 1959

Friday, 6 March 2009

Cell Phone Woes

I am convinced that there is an entire generation of boys, guys, men, whatever you want to call them and they all have the same spiky hair cut and they all seem to work for Verizon. Sorry Adam it's true every guy that was working at your store today spiky hair. Now don't get me wrong I really like my wireless provider. They are knowledgeable and helpful but I have come to find that I am a complete techno moron. My parents have been using this term for a very long time and I used to think I knew things, I could get things done correctly and quickly, come to find out I am the latest in the line of techno morons that my family descends from. Now don't get me wrong I at least know how to turn on the computer and get on the Internet, (sorry mom) but tell me to install software onto my blackberry.......................... I have quickly turned into a ball of frustration and hate all over a little CD, and a software install, Dude I suck. I can't figure out what the hell to do, there are all these options and I don't know what I need to do or don't need to do. Make it go away!!! I'm so glad that the guy who sold me my cell phone is also a friend of mine. Because were he not also a friend he might have killed me by now. Actually probably not, the fact that I know him makes me more inclined to call him or message him when I have an issue, were it a person I didn't know they would probably never hear from me again. So, sorry Adam for making your work that much harder. And on behalf of all of the techno morons out there that you have to deal with again I apologize.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Catholic Church ARGH!!

A nine-year-old girl has had an abortion after becoming pregnant with twins, it was claimed today.
The child, who lives in Brazil, was allegedly raped by her stepfather.
He has since been arrested by police and has been in jail since last week.
Despite doctors judging that the pregnancy posed a serious risk to the girl's health, the procedure was strongly opposed by the Catholic church.
Abortions are illegal in Brazil though judges can make exceptions if the pregnancy is judged to be a risk to the mother's health.
Fatima Maia, director of the hospital where the abortion was performed, said the child weighed five-and-a-half stone.
'She is very small. Her uterus doesn't have the ability to hold one, let alone two children,' she added.
However, a lawyer for the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, claimed the pregnancy should have gone ahead,
'It's the law of God: Do not kill. We consider this murder,' Marcio Miranda told a Brazilian newspaper.
He added that the child should have carried the babies to term and had a Caesarean section.
There are more Catholics in Brazil then any other country in the world.

And this isn't even one of my period enduce rants it's just a rant for rants sake.

SHE'S NINE!!!Not to mention she was raped by her stepfather, but she should have carried the children anyway and risked her own life? Catholics are ridiculous. So lets just have a hypothetical and say she had the children but died in the process, that's OK cause it's the "Law of God" not to kill?? But she was just turned into a martyer so her children can live? without a mother or father? that's a great plan. Give me a break

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

OH and a new Hat

Yea, fine my face is crooked and fucked in this picture but we're not focusing on that part we're focusing on the new hat!! Isn't it cute? I love this hat, it was bought for me at bead paradise.


I decided to stop in to Coventry last night on my way home. It's a bit east of where I work and definitely in the wrong direction to go home but I figured what the hell. Note: I think possibly it was too cold for bubble tea as my fingers hurt from being so cold carrying my tea from Phionex to my car but whatever I haven't had bubble tea in a long time.

So as I'm walking up the sidewalk I see a sign that catches my eye, I'm acutally wondering if my eyes are playing tricks on me cause all I see is the word "Mullet" Now I know what you are saying "but Julie you're in Coventry are you really suprised?" and the answer to that is no but on my way back from Phionex I stopped and snapped a picture of their make-shift sign.

Yes ladies and gentlemen there is a new "salon" in coventry called the Crazy mullets super salon! Sadly I did not see any mullets being produced through the window nor did I see a mullet leave their shop so maybe their mullet posers!! or maybe it was just too fucking cold to stand around to see what might come walking by lastnight. That and I had to go to Verizon to try and fix a problem with my BlackBerry (BTW I am coming back today I seem to have misplaced my USB cord so the answer is no I haven't done the software upgrade yet.)

So you ask yourself (or if you're cool like me you don't ask at all cause like I already said you're cool) What the hell is bubble tea??

That is bubble tea, I know it looks scarry (I discribe this colour as grand canyon clay and yes I drank it any way) and the sales people at Verizon last night thought that the black masses in the bottom of the cup were blueberries. This is the Thai Tea flavour and the black masses at the bottom are tapioca pearls, the Thai Tea tastes a lot like Chai. You kind of need to get used to the sensation of sucking tapioca pearls through a straw but, once you get past that (or if you're like me it doesn't phase you at all) it's an awesome drink.

So that was my evening, nothing interesting or exciting just Mullets and Bubble Tea.

Monday, 2 March 2009

I almost forgot!!!

How oh how can I be so stupid?? (that's my attempt at rhyming like Dr. Seuss I know it wasn't very good or clever) I was going to wear my green eggs and ham hair clip today!!! No I don't actually own a green eggs and ham hair clip would you really be surprised if I did own one? nope me neither. But I bet they make them. Or not.... Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

OK I know he's dead but were he alive well first of all he would be 105 years old.

Now I ask you how do you not adore Dr. Seuss?

I may even start using this Dr. Seuss quote at the end of all of my posts.

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

I like it!


So Adam over at Adam throws quarters made a post about random things about himself. the rules are supposed to be 5 random things but lets face it who wants to be bound by rules (which is another point of his post) so I am going to post as many random things about myself as I want (take that!)

1. I say quirky little things like "so there" and "take that" like I am a five year old, a lot. but it usually gets a laugh SO THERE!! :-)

2. I am a follower not a leader (which would explain why I am doing this post AFTER Adam)

3. I have participated in 10+ musical theatre shows and 1 straight play

4. to elaborate on the last random fact I think I prefer the straight play although I am not sure I am very good at them the one that I was in was so much fun.

5. I really am a fan of Kanye West's song "Stronger" *Hint Hint* (not just a random fact also sort of an inside joke comment and ask if you are really interested)

6. I don't think my life is actually that interesting but I am fairly good at elaborating and adding "colorful" language to make it amusing and read-able

7. I don't give myself enough credit (for anything just ask my husband he'll tell you)

8. Not random at all I am scared to death of needles (specifically syringes sp?) Tattoo needles no problem, come after me with a syringe (correction you don't even have to come after me with it all I have to do is see it sitting there) and I crumple up like a child and scream just about as hysterically and loudly.

I think that's all I got right now, if I have additions I will add them later and if you comment I will post a link here.

So what's random (or not so random) about you??