Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I decided to stop in to Coventry last night on my way home. It's a bit east of where I work and definitely in the wrong direction to go home but I figured what the hell. Note: I think possibly it was too cold for bubble tea as my fingers hurt from being so cold carrying my tea from Phionex to my car but whatever I haven't had bubble tea in a long time.

So as I'm walking up the sidewalk I see a sign that catches my eye, I'm acutally wondering if my eyes are playing tricks on me cause all I see is the word "Mullet" Now I know what you are saying "but Julie you're in Coventry are you really suprised?" and the answer to that is no but on my way back from Phionex I stopped and snapped a picture of their make-shift sign.

Yes ladies and gentlemen there is a new "salon" in coventry called the Crazy mullets super salon! Sadly I did not see any mullets being produced through the window nor did I see a mullet leave their shop so maybe their mullet posers!! or maybe it was just too fucking cold to stand around to see what might come walking by lastnight. That and I had to go to Verizon to try and fix a problem with my BlackBerry (BTW I am coming back today I seem to have misplaced my USB cord so the answer is no I haven't done the software upgrade yet.)

So you ask yourself (or if you're cool like me you don't ask at all cause like I already said you're cool) What the hell is bubble tea??

That is bubble tea, I know it looks scarry (I discribe this colour as grand canyon clay and yes I drank it any way) and the sales people at Verizon last night thought that the black masses in the bottom of the cup were blueberries. This is the Thai Tea flavour and the black masses at the bottom are tapioca pearls, the Thai Tea tastes a lot like Chai. You kind of need to get used to the sensation of sucking tapioca pearls through a straw but, once you get past that (or if you're like me it doesn't phase you at all) it's an awesome drink.

So that was my evening, nothing interesting or exciting just Mullets and Bubble Tea.

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Adam said...

im not there today....come see me friday. i will sell you what you need...then beat you into submission!