Monday, 2 March 2009


So Adam over at Adam throws quarters made a post about random things about himself. the rules are supposed to be 5 random things but lets face it who wants to be bound by rules (which is another point of his post) so I am going to post as many random things about myself as I want (take that!)

1. I say quirky little things like "so there" and "take that" like I am a five year old, a lot. but it usually gets a laugh SO THERE!! :-)

2. I am a follower not a leader (which would explain why I am doing this post AFTER Adam)

3. I have participated in 10+ musical theatre shows and 1 straight play

4. to elaborate on the last random fact I think I prefer the straight play although I am not sure I am very good at them the one that I was in was so much fun.

5. I really am a fan of Kanye West's song "Stronger" *Hint Hint* (not just a random fact also sort of an inside joke comment and ask if you are really interested)

6. I don't think my life is actually that interesting but I am fairly good at elaborating and adding "colorful" language to make it amusing and read-able

7. I don't give myself enough credit (for anything just ask my husband he'll tell you)

8. Not random at all I am scared to death of needles (specifically syringes sp?) Tattoo needles no problem, come after me with a syringe (correction you don't even have to come after me with it all I have to do is see it sitting there) and I crumple up like a child and scream just about as hysterically and loudly.

I think that's all I got right now, if I have additions I will add them later and if you comment I will post a link here.

So what's random (or not so random) about you??

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