Wednesday, 11 March 2009


So here's what I don't get, I just read this article on MSNBC.

From what I can see in this article governments (both US and Mexico) seem to have a firm grasp on the drug trafficking and what goes on. What I don't understand is that if they have such a grip on what's going on why can't they stop it? The violence, the kidnappings the be headings (yep they found 5 human heads in 5 ice chests on the side of the road in Mexico and they are pinning drugs as the cause) I think they mentioned that one of the heads is a person that is known in the community even. So if they can stop the violence and the kidnappings and be headings why aren't they?? Is it possible that the governments are in on all of this and are getting a cut of what's going on? I know that the article says that some of the "ingredients" were obtained legally but the stuff that's clearly illegal what about that?? How is that slipping through the cracks?
Just something I thought about as I was reading that, I know that I am not the smartest person in the world (hell I'm not even the smartest person in my office) but.................................. UGH I just don't understand.

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