Friday, 6 March 2009

Cell Phone Woes

I am convinced that there is an entire generation of boys, guys, men, whatever you want to call them and they all have the same spiky hair cut and they all seem to work for Verizon. Sorry Adam it's true every guy that was working at your store today spiky hair. Now don't get me wrong I really like my wireless provider. They are knowledgeable and helpful but I have come to find that I am a complete techno moron. My parents have been using this term for a very long time and I used to think I knew things, I could get things done correctly and quickly, come to find out I am the latest in the line of techno morons that my family descends from. Now don't get me wrong I at least know how to turn on the computer and get on the Internet, (sorry mom) but tell me to install software onto my blackberry.......................... I have quickly turned into a ball of frustration and hate all over a little CD, and a software install, Dude I suck. I can't figure out what the hell to do, there are all these options and I don't know what I need to do or don't need to do. Make it go away!!! I'm so glad that the guy who sold me my cell phone is also a friend of mine. Because were he not also a friend he might have killed me by now. Actually probably not, the fact that I know him makes me more inclined to call him or message him when I have an issue, were it a person I didn't know they would probably never hear from me again. So, sorry Adam for making your work that much harder. And on behalf of all of the techno morons out there that you have to deal with again I apologize.

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Adam said...

its all good. just want to help!!