Thursday, 19 March 2009

Things that I've seen

So I clearly have nothing interesting to say right now but I have some pictures that are kind of fun and I'm just going to post (cause I can damn it)

Yes fine if you "breed" welsh corgis you know that the whole long haired thing is "BAD" and this obviously isn't the exact one that I was greeted by but there is now a therapy dog at the clinic he's about 18 months or something so he's still very full of energy and he's a long haired corgi. He's so cute and all I could think is how much Justin would have loved him.

It was recently Barbie's 50th birthday and this picture is courtesy of Cake Wrecks.

DUDE THAT'S A CAKE!? I know coolest thing ever right, I've never been much of a barbie girl (I was more into my little ponies) but I think I would have like to have seen this one assembled it's so cool.

And lastly I saw this while I was walking around on St Patricks Day, I was a little disappointed in myself I should have gone to the parade it was a perfect day and I was off and I should have gone except I had no-one to go with and I wasn't about to go downtown by myself. so Instead I shopped and got some errands done (fun errands :-P) and I saw this

Appropriate no? now for those of you who don't know what Slainte means (shame on you) just kidding I can't expect everyone to be as cool as me. Slainte is Gaelic for Cheers and on St Pat's day it's just seemed all too appropriate.

Oh and there's this picture just cause I like it.

I want a GYPSY SOOOOOO BAD!!! I totally sound like a child right now but they are so pretty. Between the million o's and the "totally" I'm "like" a little kid who just wants a pony!!

Later Peeps

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Tink said...

That cake still amazes me and I've seen it like five times. Who could eat such a work of art? :)