Monday, 16 February 2009

General Consensus

There seems to be a general consensus that people suck. I know nothing of what went on in the world yesterday because quite frankly I avoided all outside contact. I bundled up on my couch, slowly did laundry (all of the bedding smells fresh and pretty I love that smell.) and read a book most of the day (twilight) I know I've given in to the hype but it really is a good story. Possibly I have the same demeanour that a 15 year old girl has which is EEEEEE pretty boys!!! and my reading level probably isn't much higher then that of a 15 year old girl either. So what?
So of the shitty people yesterday I cannot give you any insight. Today however, there are those lovely people who are just too good to talk to the girl manning the front desk, obviously speaking to me is "beneath" them.
A simple hello I don't even insist on telling me where they are going or who they are meeting just a good morning, good afternoon?? No not even a fuck off!!!!

Now the people that work on my floor (most of them at least) are lovely always saying hello, how are you, I'm fine thank you, how was your weekend, yes mine was too short as well.
I say most of the people on my floor are lovely cause (as with everything) we definitely have our........... How do I put this without being a complete bitch? Characters, the ones who also think they are better then you, the head cases who think everyone is out to get them, and still what amazes me is that some of the nicest people on our floor are upper management. I think several of the suits around here need to take lessons from these men, they are polite and engage in small talk and even sometimes I feel, humor me in allowing me to prattle on about stupid non-important crap and they always leave smiling saying something clever, but never mean or vindictive (they save that for the privacy of their own cube.) So yes people SUCK and I just want to knock some heads together!
Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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