Tuesday, 17 February 2009


As I wait for 5 o'clock (6 more minutes) I ponder the thought of Jerry Springer as the famous Billy Flynn. Yes ladies and gentlemen Jerry Springer is the singing and dancing type. I some how never knew this. I don't know how I could have I never really followed the "career" of Jerry Springer. (5 minutes)

Apparently he's playing this part at the Cambridge Theatre in London.

(4 minutes)

And I think it sort of worries me, I mean have you seen the smut that he brings on television? I know it's funny and sort of entertaining but, (3 minutes) I don't know I just am not sure if I could take him seriously as an actor.

I know that the part of Billy Flynn isn't all that serious it's fun and campy (and I wouldn't want to be the girl playing Roxy in the scene where she is a puppet)

(2 minutes)

Cause sitting on Jerry Springers lap, GROSS!! I sort of pegged him as a pervert to be completely honest (1 minute) and maybe he's not but I don't know how do you host a show like that and be normal??

5:00 WOO-HOO!!!

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Adam said...

if that's the real progression on your typing, you type slow!