Thursday, 13 December 2007

Sad day in the world

So the day started out with "ewwwww it's slushing out this weather is gross!!" followed by getting ready for work and driving the long drive in to work. as I am sitting at my desk I get a text from a friend that says my sister was in a car accident lastnight and life flighted to the hospital. wow I couldn't believe it. Times like that, that makes me scared that I have to drive so far for work and I am scared for my husband too cause he drives all the time. That first text came at about 8:30 am. then the second text came in at 10:30 am and she had died. my heart sank I immediatly tried adopting the "no crying at the front desk" policy, which quickly turned into the "will someone watch the phone for me for five minutes I need to go clear my head" (aka cry in the stairwell) policy. I called her mother who I don't think is thinking straight right now and her younger brother who is crushed. I know that we all think that we are invincible and most of the time I think that I am invincible but when I got that news it knocked me back into reality and I cried. It's also sad because now her daughter is going to grow up never knowing her own mother. She was so young I mean like 22 and her daughter I think is seven months old. (added on 12/17/2007) I found this blog that has most of the story and pictures of the after math. I found out yesterday at Toni's wake that the guy who hit her went braindead in the hospital and he has died as well.
So yes I promise I will make the next couple of posts happier and filled with cookie baking and cats under christmas trees and horses. But I felt that I needed to state how sad I am about her famlies loss and hope that they all heal soon. her daughter will be her living memory for the rest of time.

(The Following segment added on 12/20/2007)
OK so you do get a picture of me sort of. but we're not focusing on me we're focusing on Addey. isn't she cute?? She seems to think that my thumb is her dinner. she's a strong little sucker too. Just like her mom was.

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