Monday, 17 December 2007

The Dogs

Alright I know I promised more horse pictures but I realized that the two pictures that I have are borders that I don't know that well and I should probably get their permission before putting pictures of their horses out there for all to see. so I need to take pictures of just the horses that belong to my aunt from now on. Instead I bring you doggie pictures.

This is Holly। She's been around for a very long time। and unfortunatly she's going deaf। A lot of the time we have kids at the barn for lessons and they don't realize that she's deaf and the come up behind her to pet her and she jumps. She loves to go out into the woods and run crazy. it's hard with the deaf thing cause if she runs off by herself we can't get her back by calling her. She's never actually run off and not come back so we are not that worried. She's very loyal and sweet.

And Bailey is the younger of the two. She'll run with you and not care and she'll roll over so the closest person will bend down and scratch her belly. She'll try and round up the horses when they are outside. And if you pull up the driveway and she's already outside she'll chase your car and try to get into it when you open the door. All you have to do with her when you let her out of the barn in the morning is yell BAILEY GET THE DUCKS!!! and she's off. (Grandpa has a small pond where there are usually a few ducks) she goes running and looks at the pond with her ears up trying to find the ducks then she runs around the pond searching and comes back to you and looks at you with that "I couldn't find the ducks" look. Also very loyal and sweet. she always wants to be pet and cookies is a word that you don't say around her. The only unfortunate thing about Bailey is that you need to give her time to get used to you. if she doesn't know you she snaps at people. Small ill behaved children especially.

Good Mosh Pitting!

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