Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Cleveland Guitars are back!

Wow I didn't realize that this picture was so blurry. but that's our guitar that the company sponsored. it has university circle on it the art museum is on it the A building is on it. It's kind of cool. and that's my sister. she said she didn't want to be in the picture but I didn't say anything because we were holding up traffic so I just snapped the picture and kept my mouth shut.


Spud said...

That is really cool. Your sister looks like she didn't want to be in the photo, lol.

John said...

"i don't want to be in the picture. i'm going to stand way over here so i'm not in the picture. take a picture of just the guitar but leave me out. you didn't get me in the picture, did you?", said the sister.