Friday, 22 August 2008

Hmmmm Dilemma

no one ever calls me to be in their show and I mean no one, until yesterday one of the guys I was in Kiss Me Kate with called me yesterday and said he wanted me to be in his show Bells are Ringing I am so not familiar with this show so I looked it up and here's what I've got,
This "Sweetheart of a Musical" opens with eight girls complaining about the doldrums---they're just not getting enough telephone calls. The solution is simple announces an advertisement for Susan answer phone, a telephone answering service. Before the days of answering machines and high technology, the only choice was to hire a service to answer your phone when you weren't home.
This particular answering service is owned and run by Sue, who employs her cousin Ella to answer the phones. Ella has a deplorable tendency to get involved in customers' lives as she takes and delivers their messages. She even falls in love with one of the customers who she has never even met. In It's A Perfect Relationship Ella describes her feelings for Jeff Moss, this unknowing customer. Now, Jeff is a writer who is having trouble getting to work on his next play, and Ella is determined to help him. Whether you call it curiosity or eavesdropping, one thing's for certain, Ella's busybody personality is entertaining!
A subplot involving Sue and Sandor unravels at the same time. Sue falls in love with Sandor, who runs a company called Titanic Records. Conveniently the record company sets up a branch office in Sue's office space. The record company turns out to be a book-making concern, with an ingenious code which Sandor describes to his assistants in It's A Simple Little System. Unknown to anyone, the police are already monitoring Susans phone, suspecting that it's a front for a vice ring. Ella takes on a new identity, goes to Jeff's apartment, and convinces him to rework his new play. In the number Hello, Hello There! she teaches him about friendliness. Jeff invites Ella out for the evening, and a friend teaches her the cha-cha in the sizzling Mu-Cha-Cha dance. Eventually Jeff meets her in Central Park and explains that he has grown to love her. He takes her to a party where Ella sings Drop That Name when she finds herself at a loss for conversation. She doesn't think that she's up to Jeff's social status, and sadly slips away as she sings the great ballad The Party's Over. Jeff still doesn't know who Ella really is.
Meanwhile, Sue and Sandor plan a trip abroad, as he tries to borrow money from her to cover some racing debts. Two other answering service subscribers who Ella has also befriended coincidently meet the despondent Jeff in a nightclub. The songs in the club's floor show are written by one of the subscribers who is a musical dentist. The three men discover that Ella's good deeds have helped them all, but not one of them realizes she is the answering service girl. As the police close in on the bookies from the "record company," the three men set off to find Ella. Just as she decides to run away, she is reunited with Jeff. We have a classic happy ending.

I'm slightly skeptical because it's in Brecksville and lets face it that's isn't very close, and again NO ONE CALLS ME TO BE IN THEIR SHOWS!!!! I'm a little freaked out, the run is like 8 weeks, I don't know the music (which is why I am going to see if the library has it and check it out) But this is weird, Oh yeah and our 5 year wedding anniversary is right in the middle of the run which for me is the major dilemma because we were going to go somewhere for the weekend and have a nice relaxing time and hike some trails and I mean October is a great month for all of that. Dave says that he thinks that I should do the show and that he doesn't care if we don't go away on that exact weekend that we could just go after the run is over, besides it would be easier for him to get time off afterwards. UGH I'm torn.

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