Monday, 25 August 2008

New site on my blog roll

I suggest that you all check the new site on my blog roll dude it's too funny. it was thought up by my friends husband and I think he had some help from his brother but it's funny as crap. Everyone should join in and play White Trash Bingo!! As for the Delimma it's over I've decided that my anniversary is more important then doing a show that I know nothing about and Oh yeah I got a hold of the CD at Barnes and Noble and I forgot they have that nifty thing where you can scan the barcode and hear snippits from the songs. YECH!!! I've done some corny shows but I'm not sure I can make it through this one besides it being an hour away from my home which with gas prices is definitely a factor.

Good Mosh Pitting and I expect to see you all playing white trash bingo it's fun!

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Spud said...

Good mosh pitting to you too. Wooo