Thursday, 28 August 2008

Lunch Time Entertainment

so have I mentioned that my sister got a new job?? I am very happy for her the issue comes where she will be gone and the other secretary will be on vacation and I will be left here by myself. I am being cross trained right now and sometimes I feel like they are trying to give me their work and passing it off as "I'm showing you how to do my job". Finally today when the other secretary came to me with mail I said to her "Haven't I already done mail?" and she promptly replied yes but there is something new in this bundle that you haven't done before. So I said great I'll do that mail the rest of it I have done if I feel the need to do the mail to refresh my memory I will let you know otherwise I have the policy and procedures on it and have done it already (in other words DON'T GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING WORK AND CALL IT TRAINING JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO DO IT!!!)

In other news I sat on the roof for my lunch today (as I usually do) and what was playing in the sky?

OK admittedly they sort of look like specks in the sky but The Angels were out to play today.

The International Air Show is this weekend and the angels fly right past our building during practices. It's pretty cool I'm not really into planes but you don't really get to see something like this every day so I sat and ate my rice and enjoyed the show and will probably do the same tomorrow.

Good Mosh Pitting


Erin O'Brien said...

I love the Angels! I love parking illegally and watching them from anywhere downtown!

Julie said...

definitely one of the perks of working at the Clinic. and it's even easier cause now all I have to do is go up a few flights and I have a roof top view. my last building not so good for this kind of thing.

Spud said...

Wow that is awesome that you can sit on the roof for your lunch break. Very cool.

Julie said...

I know spud it's nice to get out of the cube farm for a while. :-)