Monday, 5 November 2007


No thankfully I have not seen a flake of snow yet. The key word in that sentence is YET. they are however predicting a mix of rain and snow later tonight. I love how weather people are always "predicting" the weather, it's like they are fortune tellers or something like that. We should start dressing our wether people up like Gypsys that would be funny and more people would probably watch the weather cause it would atleast be more entertaining. OK fine be that way maybe I am the only one who thinks that is a good idea but come on it would be kind of funny. I guess I don't really have anything interesting today I went to a 5 year olds birthday party this weekend (after of course mucking out stalls and riding for the morning) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAURA! If I can get a decent picture of her I will probably end up posting it cause seriously you guys she is so beautiful perfect hair (so jelous of the hair on that kids head). And yesterday I went to a baby shower with my friend Jennifer Ryan. We were late (of course cause it was out in Twinsburg and I don't know anything about Twinsburg and neither does she). Of course it was akward cause it was like a sit down have a salad and tea formal baby shower and when we walked in they were all eatting their salads, and we got stared at (again AKWARD!) But what ever. Jennifer got me the most beautiful bracelet for my birthday (which was in September) but we don't have time to see eachother right now cause she's been in several shows and when I am at work she is at home and when she is at rehersal I am at home so we just don't seem to have good scheduling right now to hang out. I must take a picture of the bracelet and post it on the next post possibly cause taking picutures of my wrist at work probably not the best plan ever. I might be looked at as crazy. OH and the braided cable, yeah I ripped it I was very displeased with the amount of mistakes so it got ripped and started over. It makes me sad to rip something that pretty (remember I am not good at this knitting thing). And I did finish the new cable and I even figured out the whole picking up stitches along the edge (thanks to Meghan <3) so it is slowly being turned into a hat again another picutre I need to post in my next post. But I'm so proud you guys I got the braided cable and it doesn't at all look like crap.

Good Mosh Pitting!

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