Thursday, 15 November 2007

Meetings major boredom and Angst

Why is it everytime my office has a finance forum or meeting to go to they come to me and say "hey brynne could you come up and man the front desk?" and I of course say yes because this is my job we are talking about and I am still the temp so I should probably just shup up and do it. But before 'The Temp' came along what did they do? I know what they did the front stayed un-manned and some how everyone who came in to the office to drop something off or pick something up survived and made their own decisions (and intellegent decisions at that). Is it just that I happen to be here so they figure they should use me?? I mean honestly it's not like I answer the Senior Directors Phone while I am up here (cause I was already told not to worry about her phone) So her phone goes to voicemail and if for some reason the Department Phone rings I am to answer that but seriously it's not like I can solve anything for the person on the other end of the line so why not just let it go to voicemail. So I am bored.......... Bored, Bored, Bored. Because not only am I sitting up front I am here by myself. Sure the boys are here cause they are part of a different division so they don't have to go to these meeting but they are in the back office so I might as well be here by myself. Yes I'm whiny today. It's cold and dark and slushing out right now. I am not ammused. I know that this weather is going to make people driving home dumber then usual "OMG there is water on the road Must Drive with my Brakes!!!"

Angst Angst Angst

Good mosh pitting


that is not my normal OM what they hell!!! this day sucks :-(

Ha Ha found it! but still what is with the change?

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