Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Alright no mocking this is my first attem(p)t at taking pictures of food. Apprantly also my first attempt at spelling as that p in the first attempt was added after the blog was posted. see what happens when I try to post blogs before I have a sufficent amount of coffee. I know camera phone blarg I should probably ask for a proper digital camera for the "c" word holiday including all of the proper equiptment. Anyway this is the lovely lovely soup that I made last night I know there isn't much colour to it there probably would be if I liked cooked carrots but alas I don't so I leave them out. it is Delicious and I don't have the recipe handy at the moment but I promise if anyone is interested I will post it for you just let me know. It's chicken and dumpling. I could probably just rattle off some ingredients and hope that they are correct but I couldn't just rattle off the cooking instructions cause I know I would screw those up. So there you have it soup! and it's yummy in my tummy.

good mosh pitting!

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