Tuesday, 6 November 2007


My Insane cats on the next three blogs. This one is bones on account of when we got him as a kitten he was so malnurished that he was nothing but skin and bones. He's a crazy boy and obviously no longer skin and bones. Actually funny story, not really funny it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Bones is the only one of my cats who was willing to put on a harness and leash and go outside in the back yard. I was scared to let them out on their own cause I don't want to find one of them splatted in the middle of the road (we lost way too many cats that way when I was a kid). Any way where was I OH right outside, back yard, Bones was having so much fun chasing leaves and a small rodent and all was fine and dandy until as we were hanging out in the back yard the dog to the left of us came out and Bones was fine with it ginger (the dog next door) is very docile bones was slightly freaked but not so much so that I couldn't calm him. Then the dogs to the right of us came outside and they are energetic dogs (I love them I do they are so much fun). Bones freaked out I mean "OMG I need to get the the highest point I can possibly find" which at the time was my head. till he gripped on then I was on the ground. It was the prom sceen from Carrie I swear. The bad part about all of this is that my husband is a video gamer (he plays WoW) and I swear he's deaf cause he has to play with the sound way up because not only does he play but he talks to the guys the plays with over Vent. He didn't hear me screaming. my neighbor from 3 doors down way outside and came sprinting down pounding on the door to get him. it sucked. I don't hold it against my husband (hopefully from now on he'll not play his game so loud that it's the only thing he can hear at least if I ever take Bones outside again) and I don't hold it against Bones either he was terrified. the funny part is that once I was finally OK enough to get inside we were walking through the utility room (it goes right into our kitchen) and there's Bones sitting under the table cleaning himself giving me that "oh did I do that? Sorry" kitty look. most painful shower EVER! if I still had pictures of the scratches I would post them but I've gotten rid of them. I am lucky that he didn't get my eyes but it hurt.

So I have to state this my husband really can't hear that well on account of his job I do know that if he heard me screaming bloody murder he would have come running. He wasn't just sitting there saying "hmmmm Julie is screaming and crying outside wonder what her problem is. Oh well I'm not going to bother checking." He would never do that. I love you Dave! I'm sorry if this post in any way hurt your feelings I know that you said not to make it into a big thing but...... well you know me I worry about hurting feelings.

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