Thursday, 25 June 2009

Movie Review Time

You know the drill I usually add spoilers so if you are going to see this movie I suggest you don't read any further then THIS!

The Proposal
Staring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (Oh and did I mention Betty White? I freaking love her she's amazing!)

So the story starts out with Ryans character (Andrew) and Sandras character (Margaret) Getting ready for the busy day at work she is dressing grabbing a bite to eat and going over some prospects (she is a book editor) he is sleeping (way later then he should be) she is calm cool and organized he is flying out the door to the local Starbucks for his bosses (Margaret) morning latte (which by the way he spills all over himself) but wait he happens to drink the exact thing that she does just in case of an instance like this (she calls his bluff and calls him pathetic). Much to Margarets dismay her visa is expired (she's from Canada) and she is going to be deported, until Andrew walking into this meeting and she announces that they are engaged. Did I mention that Andrew HATES Margaret? Basically the entire office does. She's referred to as a witch and shrew. Margaret and Andrew pay a visit to the immigration office the make their "engagement" official and are called out on it (apparently the immigration office was tipped off by the supervisors at Andrew and Margarets office) They are taking a few days to get their stories straight so they travel to Sitca Alaska for Andrews grandmothers 90th birthday. What Margaret didn't know is that Andrews family are like the Rockefeller's of Alaska, they own everything in town and have a lot of money to back it up. Andrew and Margaret announce their "engagement" while they are in Alaska (and Andrews ex-girlfriend is there by the way she's adorable) and it gets suggested that they get married while they are there. Betty White (Grandma Annie) insists that they get married that weekend in the barn (it's tradition you know) because she's had 89 birthdays already she doesn't need another she'd rather see her grandson get married (before she dies). Andrews father gets a phone call from the immigration office "checking up on them" as he promised and invites the officer to Alaska to witness the wedding for himself. Also to try and get Andrew to take money to expose the fraud and walk free. (that doesn't work)

Margaret doesn't have such family ties as Andrew does her parents have passed and she has no siblings or grandparents Andrews family (even though they know how much pain and anguish she has put him through) takes her in as one of their own (it's causes a major mental breakdown) Margaret has forgotten what it's like to have family and people who are always there for you. The wedding starts out beautifully (complete with a hand me down dress that every woman in that family has worn for their own weddings) When Margaret cuts off the minister and confesses that the entire thing is a sham. Leaving the island with the immigration officer packing up her office in New York Andrew shows up wanting to marry her (for real this time) now that he's gotten to know her he's fallen in love with her and wants to help her to stay in the country.

Happy ending

Awwwwwwwwwww <3

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Kelly and José said...

Nice review -- a couple of my friends want to see The Proposal, so maybe I'll go with :)