Tuesday, 7 July 2009

931 Miles Later

So we're going to take a trip back in time (OK not really that far back in time) but I didn't get around to posting this sooner cause I wanted to make sure I had the pictures to do the post any kind of justice.

June 22, (yes this year I told you it wasn't that far back in time).

On my way home from spinning class I call Dave so he knows I'm right behind him and will pick up dinner and smoothies and what would he like and he says "hey you want to go the Virginia this weekend? Jonathan (his brother) asked if we wanted to go and I told him it was up to you" Of course it's up to me, (then again I do usually go to my Aunts barn on Saturdays) So I called my aunt and told her basically the same thing Dave told me (that and I wanted to make sure she'd be there and not working that weekend) she said she'd be at the barn that weekend so I said OK I'm going to Virginia, I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday June 26th (Dave's Birthday) we both take the day off and sleep in (not too much) I jet out of the house to get coffee and breakfast come home so I can eat breakfast with Dave and then go to the barn to ride for a few before we have to leave for VA. When I get home we pack and then get a move on, (about 3:30 pm) we split the drive time (it's about 8 hours with stops and all) and we arrive in Virginia (Afton) at about 12:15 (yes A.M.) it was a long drive but I would totally do it again.
So we settled into our room and changed into our bathing suits and swam for a bit and then headed to the kitchen and grabbed a bite to eat before hitting the sack.

Saturday AM we wake up (around 8:00) and I peer out the window

ahhhh, can I stay here forever please?? we head to the kitchen for breakfast, coffee, eggs, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, and pancakes, (did I miss anything?) YUM!!

Cindy (Jonathan's Fiance) Proceeds to call Dawn (Dawn handles the horses and we were told that we could probably ride when we got there) SIGN ME UP!! You know I can't pass up the opportunity to ride. So we gear up (when I say we I mean Frank, Mary and myself) Dawn was concerned about taking too many people out at the same time very few people on this trip have ridden before so she took three at a time.

Mary rode Rudy, Frank rode Ace and I rode Tilly. we hit the trail and everything went fairly smoothly till the end when Ace had a slight freak out and went sideways a bit. Frank didn't fall or anything but I am guess it could have very well come to that if it got any more out of control. (by the way there are 500 acres of riding trails out there) AMAZING!! it was beautiful, I never knew what it was like to fly till Tilly and I (and then Rudy and I) were cantering up hill in such a wide open space. Can I go back now?

We swam for a little bit more after our ride (Cindy, Jonathan and Dave were all up at the house swimming already) and then we loaded into two cars (boys in one girls in the other) and went to get smoothies and sandwiches and went to Belle Monte (yet another farm of theirs). The difference here is that this property is just property, and cows (just like the other place) did I forget to mention the cows? Baby cows are so cute! Also Belle Monte has a garage on it for equipment and a washroom and fridge if there are people there for the day cause that is a seriously good place to go four wheeling, (I guess) I don't four wheel but Dave does and he loves it. Us girls piled into the Gator (if you are familiar with Gators you know that they are two seaters and a small bed of sorts) I sat in the bed (I'm not complaining I volunteered) but wow did my ass hurt for a week after that I was air born so many times I've lost count but it was FUN!!!
So back to the house
we swam (again) and showered and got cleaned up for dinner (it was not only Dave's birthday on the 26th but it was his brothers birthday on the 27th) So we hit this cute little Italian Restaurant (and the food was fabulous) I wish I could remember the name cause if you are ever there you need to go. Dinner then back to sleep (around 10:30) woke the next morning around the same time (8ish) and again went for a ride (Frank and Mary had already hit the road at 6 AM crazy people) so this time I rode with Dawn (of course) Dave and his brother Jonathan. Dave rode Ace, Jonathan rode Tilly and I rode Rudy, another amazing ride we went the opposite direction from the day before (Dave even cantered I'm so proud) but pissed that I didn't get a picture of him on a horse I needed photographic evidence. hopped off changed our clothes packed our bags and headed the long drive home (that was at about 11:30 am). So all in all it was a very short trip but a good one I hope we can do it again some time it was absolutely beautiful and peaceful and perfect and I don't know how Cindy leaves that place cause I wouldn't want to ever.

so that was my all be it short but exciting road trip, I hope we do it again it was fun.


Kelly and José said...

Pretty photos :)


Julie said...

Thanks, I forgot what it was like to be away from the city (any kind of city) even the burbs, there is no noise pollution out there at all, it's all birds and the wind and it's so peaceful.