Monday, 22 June 2009

West of Cleveland the Father's Day Edition

Welcome to the West of Cleveland Father's Day Edition blog. We spent the day yesterday at Stan Hwyet for their Father's day Classic car show. which I know is not exactly west of Cleveland it's more South but whatever. Normally I am pretty good with my years and makes but some of these you will have to bear with me.

This is a shot of my dad and his 1979 Corvette

Volkswagon (year and make don't ask me I just thought it was "cute" in quotation marks cause I know that cars are not supposed to be cute)
Correction I still don't have a year but the make is a Karman Ghia

this is a Triumph (again year I am not so sure of maybe 1946) I don't love this color but the car is cool and really isn't that all that matters.

Thunderbird 1955 maybe. It was one of the only t-birds that caught my eye.
Another correction by my Dad (but I was close)
1957 Thunderbird

1967 Rover TO. Don't ask me what that is exactly but it's a cool looking car.

Roadster (I'm going with late 20's early 30's)

the year and make on this one escapes me. I want to say Jag and it's going to be around the 1960's

1936 Packard (the Packards were the invited car this year)
Every year that is a featured car and this year it was Packards the Packard club of Florida was out.

1973 Ford Mustang

Mercedes Benz another one where the year escapes me but I love how the doors open up and not out.

The Row of Corvettes (can you pick out which one is Dad's)

Another Row of Cars this one was to the right of where we sat.


GT Shelby Cobra Replica 1965 or 66 maybe I tried not to get too close to this one for fear I might drool on it.

Ford Model T

Another Lovely shot of Dad's car.

1966 Chevrolet Corvair

1933 Auburn

1969 Mach 1 Mustang

Mini Cooper another year that escapes me but check it out.
here's a view of the back of the Mini and it's clearly European.

1958 Porche Speedster this picture does it no justice, the color is much prettier.

This is a 1948 Chrysler Woodie.

1947 Rolls Royce

1937 Rolls Royce
And a shot of the back of that same car.

Early 30's Rolls Royce.

This sign is actually the explanation for the next car

1929 Ford

1922 Cadillac (that's my sister to the left and Dad to the right)

1912 Model T Ford

And this car (not a classic by the way it's a 1988 speedster) This car runs on batteries only there are 15 of them in all makes the car weigh a lot and it doesn't make any noise when it's on which makes it really dangerous cause people expect to hear something when there is a car coming at them. The horn gets used a bunch in this car not out of being rude but just to make sure no-one gets killed. The guy who owns this car told us that you can usually get 50-60 miles per charge.
Dave said that if you closed the hood and doors that it would look like a shoe. :-P
That's all I have to say to him about that. I thought this car was cool.

So that was our Father's day it ended up getting nice and warm and sunny, (which was bad for Sarah as she was burnt to a crisp from the day before) but it was great for the rest of us. Good weather and cool cars with my family. That's all I needed to be happy.

Hope everyone else got to have an enjoyable fathers day.

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Adam said...

what a bunch of sweet cars.....what happened to the fairlane?