Monday, 8 June 2009

New name on my Blogroll

So if you may (0r may not) have noticed there is a new name on my blog roll (actually there are several) cause I've weeded out the ones that haven't posted and the ones I don't read all that often. One of the new names is Cleveland Sandwich Board, if you live in the Cleveland area (Adam, Erin (Both of you)) I find that this blog is most helpful and frankly entertaining when wanting to find somewhere you have never been before to eat and have always wondered to yourself "Huh I wonder if that's any good". Now I know that you can only judge for yourself and that your opinion is your opinion but if you could get an "insider" view per-say wouldn't you? and who knows Cleveland Sandwich Board may give the chosen restaurant/cafe a crappy review but it's possible that you've never heard of said place till seeing it on this site and wonder if it's really as crappy as he says or if maybe, just maybe you would like it if you went there. So you go and low and behold you LOVE IT! I have not had the opportunity to go to any of these places (yet) but I plan to visit a number of them because they all sound like eclectic fun places to try and go. So if you are interested in reading some restaurant/cafe reviews and discovering what may end up being your new favorite coffee shop or sandwich shop, check it out.

Good Mosh Pitting!!

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