Monday, 8 June 2009

Weekend Fun

We saw Up.Of course in 3-D cause lets face it hello you've got to see it in 3-D and (if you're my age) don't think of thriller at Disney 3-D it's more....................... background vs. foreground 3-D there is definition, it was worth it.

Now if you have a child who wants to see this movie I would say totally take them it's cute but (and this is a sensitive but for some people) if you have had someone older (grandparent or great aunt or uncle) in the family die recently you might not want to take them, it's pretty sad at the beginning.

Russell is funny and sweet really has no clue what the "wilderness" is. As he says "it's more wild then I expected". Russell is enthusiastic and persistent.

Mr. Fredricksen (Carl) is "not your average hero" retired balloon salesman at a theme park is being forced to leave his home which is what drives him to attach thousands of balloons to his home and fly the South America. While flying he discovers a stow away (Russell) on his porch.

Kevin is the name that Russell has given this very rare bird that is the center of the movie major trouble maker but sweet in HER own way (yes Kevin it turns out is a girl) Muntz (who I will talk about in a minute) is after Kevin because people do not believe such a bird exists and called Muntz a faker and a sham many years ago.

Dug the dog (I must admit I am a bit of a sucker for this under achieving dog) he's a golden mutt living in the wild of South America as part of a pack of dogs kept by none other then Muntz himself (oh did I mention all the dogs have the ability to talk?) Dug is sort of the nerd of the pack and constantly mocked for it. The other dogs in the pack send him on a "special" mission where Dug accidentally catches the large rare bird (Kevin).

Muntz (Charles Muntz) is a adventurer from the 1930's who inspired Carl (and late wife Ellie) to follow in his footsteps and parrot his famous mantra "adventure is out there". Charles Muntz has collected priceless relics and amazing scientific discoveries. Muntz however brought home a skeleton of the large rare bird (Kevin) and is called a fraud his discovery is discredited by the scientific world. He has vowed to bring back a live specimen for all the world to see (he fails by the way)

By the end of the movie Russell has achieved his goal and gotten his last Junior Wilderness Explorer patch and moves up in rank he and Carl become very best friends (and they gain the companionship of a talk dog)

That was our Friday.

Saturday I was up early out to the barn and working by 8ish (we needed to have a donut break first) and we loaded up the horses and went to Carlyle Park and went on a trial ride. it went well (give or take a few freak outs but nothing that knocked me off and nothing we couldn't handle). We even hit the ring for a bit cause it was open and well why not. It turns out that Showoff loves the trail riding and was actually a bit of a freak out in an unfamiliar ring by himself (which means I think it's part unfamiliar ring and part horses he's not familiar with). And possibly part me. It's completely possible that I freak out and don't realize it. But it was fun and a good afternoon and I was EXHAUSTED after we got back. I picked up pizza from Theresa's Pizza in North Ridgeville (if you live out there try their Western BBQ Chicken Pizza AMAZING! Went home ate and crashed. Crashed so hard that my sister called me and I answered the phone (little did I know) I didn't realize that I was actually on the phone till I heard Dave ask from the other room "Hey who are you talking to" and I said I was on the phone. Don't ask me how long before that point I was on the phone for I don't know and frankly neither does my sister (I asked). Sunday was lazy and fantastic we lounged around stopped by my parents house Dave helped (and when I say helped I mean he basically did all of the work) my Dad replace the valve covers in his Corvette. Now the valve covers are shiny and pretty instead of that ugly blue crap that was there before.
We hung out at the park (Dave played Basketball and I just sort of sat and hung out with Angie) But we basically lounged for the day it was nice to have a slow lazy day for once.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

Now it's Monday I'm stuck at work and oh yeah it's raining...... AGAIN!

Good Mosh Pitting everyone one!!

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Adam said...

tell you the truth, i started reading this post and then I stopped at spoiler alert.

i then scrolled all the way down to the end and saw your question.

my weekend was great! my latest podcast was awesome! check it out. btw, it was nice to talk to you today and hope your phone works for you