Monday, 14 January 2008

This weekend I flew

The bug is gone. it's been gone but I have gone through the 'de-contamination' chamber and I am good now. So is my husband after a poor lapse in judgment last saturday when he said "I feel great I'm going to order pizza" worst plan ever seriously. And because the bug is gone I was back to the barn. Back to scooping poop, and riding until I could barely walk. It was totally worth it. So I am told that my aunt is going to look for a new schooling horse. Which makes me sad cause I love Joe, but lets face it he's getting old and needs Bute just so he'll go. and with the Bute let me tell you he goes for sure. This weekend I rode 3 horses. I rode Joe in my lesson. Then my sister said something about cantering and saw the look in my eyes you know that "I wanna canter again" you need to remember that before a year ago I was probably easily in 5th or 6th grade the last time I rode. So my sister says hey lets let Brynne on Showoff so she can canter. I then said yeah I know I could never canter on Joe I mean possibly I could but............ well again he's pretty old. So I hopped on Showoff and flew, It's such a good feeling. After I got off of showoff I rode Jake. Remember him? the Red one? oh did I tell you that about ummmm 2 weeks ago maybe (the week before I had the death bug) Jake freaked out and dragged me? yep that was fun. he's still my boy and his owner and I had a conversation about it and she asked would I like to ride him? would I? I think that answer is obvious! So I rode Jake next, he's not an easy horse to ride. I have watched him go before and it looks easy but he's stubourn, and plays that hee hee there's a new person on my back what can I get away with? game. But all of it was fantastic, if I could ride that hard every weekend I would.

good mosh pitting!

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