Tuesday, 8 January 2008


So has anyone else been afflicted with this super bug? this flu that lasts like a whole week. how do you get rid of it? I've already been yelled at by my sister because yes folks I am that dumb one that takes a day off and then says to my self "self what do I do? do I stay home again or do I go in and risk it maybe if they see how bad off I am they will be more willing to believe me that I am miserably sick". I am not saying that the people that I work with don't trust me or other people that work here at all. I am however saying that I am used to working places where you have to fall over almost dead to get them to say Oh huh I guess you are sick sure let me find someone else to take your place and you can go home if I can find someone to cover for you. The sad part about this folks is that those jobs are all food service! yeah you'd think those people are really careful about coming in sick and they are very healthy and health conscious and they would never make their employees come in heaving and miserable. But the truth is that those are the jobs that are the worst about things like that because they staff just enough so that the staff is full for that shift but not over full so they can't spare anyone. I just had one of my co-workers come in and say to me. You don't need to prove yourself you're here everyday on time and you stay all day long and you are a hard worker. you have nothing that you have to prove. you need to go home and rest. so the game plan is ask the boss when she comes in if I can scram out of here at about noon. I'm pretty sure I'm not contagious anymore (at least I hope not because I have been promised death if the rest of the office catches this). But if I go home I can try and rest some more maybe get some nutrients into my body. This is sicker then I've been in a very long time. So I am hoping that most of you have not had to deal with this horrible thing cause it sucks!!! well wishes to everyone.

Good mosh pitting!

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